Letting Off Steam – World’s best diet…in three words


By Pete Whalon

  1. DASH Diet; 2. MIND Diet; 3. TLC Diet; 4. Weight Watchers; 5. Mayo Clinic; 6. Fertility; 7. Mediterranean; 8. Volumetrics; 9. Flexitarian; 10. Jenny Craig; 11. Biggest Loser; 12. Ornish; 13. Vegetarian; 14. Traditional Asian; 15. Slim Fast; 16. Spark People; 17. Anti-Inflammatory; 18. HM; 19. Flat Belly; 20. Nutrisystem; 21. Vegan; 22. Engine; 23. South Beach; 24. Abs; 25. Eco-Atkins; 26. Zone; 27. Glycemic-Index; 28. Macrobiotic; 29. Medifast; and 30. Paleo.

Above are listed 30 diet plans many of you have heard about or even tried, and there are plenty more I assure you. The best diet I have ever heard of was presented on a radio, sports talk show as I was driving in my car. The host informed listeners they must stay tuned until after the upcoming commercial because he was about to reveal the best diet plan ever, guaranteed to work.

He instructed listeners to grab a pencil and paper and be prepared to write this sure-fire information down because it was going to transform your life. I was intrigued and wanted to hear what I thought was going to be a commercial promoting another amazing way to lose weight for only $29.99 a month.

After the break, the host returned and implored all to write this unbelievable breakthrough in the dieting industry. He then spoke slowly and dramatically, “Eat less food!” There it was. Simple yet prophetic…EAT LESS FOOD! Couldn’t get any simpler than that. Can’t be disputed or denied. If we eat less food then we will lose weight, right? Of course.

Then why are there so many fad-diets available? For the same reason, there are so many choices of potato chips, soft drinks and salad dressings on the market. And it’s the same reason millions of people bought Pet Rocks and Pooka Shell necklaces in the early ‘70s. Because advertising works and we purchase this “stuff.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most of these diets work and the food that many provide probably tastes good. However, you must admit, with a little willpower, self-restraint and meal planning, you could lose weight on your own, just like you could mow your own lawn if you really wanted to. I believe diet books sell more than any other category and for good reason.

In our society today, most jobs require little or no physical exertion, and there’s a fast food establishment on every corner. It’s a simple equation—lack of motion + greasy, high caloric food = weight gain. It really is, in its purest form, that simple. However, in today’s world, we don’t like simple answers to solutions anymore. We are in search of deeper seeded reasons for all our emotional issues and maladies when usually, smack dab in front of us sits a stress-free easier solution.

So, for all of you dieters struggling with a few extra pounds, feel free to take the above advice and begin your, “Eat Less Food” diet this weekend. I guarantee it will work. WOW, I just had a fantastic idea. I think I will publish a one-page, three-word diet book titled, “The Foolproof, Guaranteed, Simplest, Cheapest Diet Plan Ever!.” I know it will be a bestseller. Page one will read, in big bold letters, EAT LESS FOOD!



Letting Off Steam – World’s best diet…in three words