About Us

The Culver City News provides complete coverage of the stories that mean the most to the residents and visitors of Culver City.

The News is the most read, highly sought after newspaper in town, serving as the voice of the community since 1907. Everything from city council meetings to high school sports
are covered by reporters tuned into the interests of Culver City residents.

Loved and hated by readers across a wide spectrum, the News has a reputation for asking tough questions and delivering stories with fairness and objectivity. The News consistently wins journalism awards from professional organizations including the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

The News is dedicated to this community, providing a forum where:

  • Readers rely on local news, and enjoy popular columns, and entertaining features
  • Readers can voice their opinions in the letters of opinion section
  • We provide a multimedia Website to accompany and complement the weekly newspaper, offering a variety of communication formats to best supply the Culver City community with the information it needs.

The Culver City News has an impressive readership of nearly 38,000 interested readers each week. This is total distribution of 16,500 copies published weekly. We deliver 10,500 papers directly to single-family homes and an additional 6,000 are delivered to more than 100 high-traffic areas within Culver City.

At the Culver City News, we pride ourselves in continuing our tradition of professional community journalism.