Esoteric Astrology as news for week Jan. 25 – 31

Friday, Jan. 27 is the new moon, at 8 degrees Aquarius. The next day, Saturday, Chinese new year begins. Chinese new year always follows a new moon. This year is the Chinese new year of the Rooster. There are five types of roosters (wood, fire, earth, gold and water), each with their various characteristics.

The year 2017 is the Fire Rooster – with the characteristics of trustworthiness, timekeeping and responsibility. Let’s think about roosters. They crow a lot, especially at dawn. They’re active, they strut around, tale plumes aflutter. They’re amusing, seemingly vain and boastful. Roosters think their crowing makes the sun come up! And so they brag about their accomplishments. Roosters are sensitive and can be quite moody at times. They’re healthy, don’t often become ill, love sports.

As the most motivated of the Chinese animals, they’re talented and hard working. 2017 is a “work hard” year, a year of saving money and of creative leadership. It is a year of following rules, tending to family and to health. It’s a good year for marriage. The night before the start of the new year, there is a “reunion dinner” a gathering of many generations within a family. This dinner is considered the most important dinner of the year.

Houses, buildings and streets are decorated for the new year with the auspicious color red. Streets are hung with Red lanterns doors have red couplets, banks and official buildings depict images of prosperity. Firecrackers and roosters (red rooster dolls, paintings, etc.) are everywhere! It’s a happy celebration! Chinese new year celebrations last two weeks, culminating at the full moon Lantern Festival.

ARIES: The key thoughts for Aries this year, in order to feel victorious in the midst of transformations in the world are: quality, devotion, courage, Right Relations, group endeavors and being directed by spiritual values that equalize everyone. Take seriously Buddha’s words. He prepared the Way for his Brother. Go through everything from the past. Eliminate most. Keep treasures. Take long trips up mountains.

TAURUS: A new artistic ability has emerged much to your surprise, though you have longed for this since childhood. Make contact, a sort of networking on spiritual levels, with different people this year. Telling the truth concerning goals, purposes, the need for resources and resourceful people calls them forth quietly. Continue on your many paths. You have extra-planetary help. Pure foods and the circadian rhythm alleviates what hurts.

GEMINI: Do you know what your future goals are? Sometimes neither Gemini nor Pisces can bring them into form and matter. We have goals but they remain hidden, etheric and remain in a visionary stage. This is a year of spiritual principles brought into outer practice. You find the Aquarian principles sustain and create health and vitality. You’ll ask for no boundaries, thinking nothing is impossible. However, discipline is needed and this is a paradox.

CANCER: Whenever you find yourself in a group, observe that you have become quite able at accomplishing multiple tasks. When seeking help and support, along it comes attempting to serve you. It’s important to live life as a cooperative participant. As routines disappear, imagination becomes a source of direction. Maintain daily disciplines for health and well-being. You need strength for the future.

LEO: Work responsibilities expand. At times you may feel overwhelmed, other times you’re glad for the recognition and reliability of work. Sometimes you’re to be the leader. Leadership helps you focus on what the gifts and skills you have developed. Now they’re needed by the group. This is the Leo/Aquarius partnership, yin/yang. Actually you’re the yang. Be fun-filled for the festivities.

VIRGO: It’s good to assess all the good acts of service you have done for others. These are your deeply personal and creative achievements. Stay within these boundaries of goodness lest you feel emotionally exhausted and out of balance. The focus for you is self-identity, expansive trips and travel that sustain your spirit. Work and family are most important. Protect them.

LIBRA: You have shown discipline and structure these last years and they have helped create your self-identity as responsible and successful. Childhood may have felt difficult, harsh and cold, with either abandonment or strictness you didn’t understand. However, childhood was a training ground that has taken you into the fields of humanitarian service, assisting humanity always and everywhere. New resources emerge from the shadows. Someone misses you.

SCORPIO: What personal decisions have you made recently from listening to your inner voice and instincts? Do you find them reliable and do they protect you? Notice I didn’t use the word intuition. Because very few of us have evolved enough into intuition. We must be directed by the Soul and have built all seven levels of our mind to enter intuition. Another name for intuition is the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. That door is opening.

SAGITTARIUS: Wishes are powerful. One day they manifest. Usually when our wish has dissipated and we’re wishing for something else altogether. What have you wished for? What has come true? What are you wishing for now? If our wishes are deep enough we can’t reverse their manifesting in our lives. Most of our wishes are good things. I wish for you Right Resources and Right Use of Money. Love, too, of course.

CAPRICORN: In the next months there are two important things to consider. You are to apply more of yourself to creative pursuits, bringing beauty out of everything. You are also to organize your money and finances. If young ones are around teach them about values and finance: how to save, how to give, how to choose things of value, how to care for themselves and having gratitude. All Capricorns are experiencing deep transformations, like inner earthquakes. You are the unicorn on the mountaintop.

AQUARIUS:         You will feel in the coming months the need for a more stable home that sustains, comforts and protects. You seek a future that enabling you to feel both security and freedom. Each day prepare for that future through visualization. Visualize how you want to live, where, with whom. Visualization is your deepest creative resource. What we deep aspire to, appears eventually. Soon you will seek a new direction and bring forth new endeavors. You’ve already begun. Have fun now.

PISCES: Chiron is in Pisces and Neptune, too. Both makes one very sensitive to the needs of the world. Sensitive to the abandoned, the unseen, the hungry, the homeless and the isolation many of us live in today. Chiron’s sensitivity makes you want to serve others. Your mind seeks ways to create an alternative way of life, a template of care for everyone. You seek resources. Ask for them. This is a spiritual journey. A journey of White Magic.

Risa – writer, teacher, mentor, counselor, astrologer, esotericist.

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