Cooperation and cooperatives: Aquarian agenda, serving humanity


Many people ask what to think and do for the coming times. We have little time. Every moment must be filled with purpose and focus – Sagittarian ideals that build the new civilization (Capricorn). Let us have the willingness of action that determines specific results (from will to love). Cooperation, community and comradeship are the keys. Mars in Virgo (through June) provides the “quickening” needed to manifest a new way of being. 2012 is the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives (IYC 2012). The Aquarian Age (unfolding now) is the sign of humanity working together, building community and cooperatives. Cooperatives are democratically governed, operate on an at-cost-not-for-profit basis, focus on economic and social well-being of people and nations worldwide and encourage and foster cooperative development, which generates local wealth, employment and marketplace interactions. It’s a plan of action whose time as arrived.

For the thought of continuing under the “empire’s” big corporation (BC) agendas is no longer tasteful, acceptable, attractive, magnetic, feasible, understandable or sustainable. BCs are part of the past, lifeless world of greed. Cooperatives fulfill the need of the 99%, seek what is local and sustainable, are consumer-owned and member-controlled – benefits that create communality and community. Cooperatives differ completely from profit-driven enterprises. There are seven cooperative principles (values) that guide cooperatives worldwide (visit Organic Valley (dairy) is a cooperative, as is Cabot Creamery. Their farmers say, “I’m a farmer. I’m an owner.” Cooperatives are everywhere. Are you part of or know of one? To find a cooperative nearby, visit (Read more at

ARIES: You are working hard, perhaps to exhaustion, with your thinking power and energy focused in the world and work. Are you finding yourself easily upset, angry and impatient? Is there criticism around you, or intrusions? You have and continue to achieve success and enthusiasm. You ask that others exhibit the same. They cannot. They don’t have your astrology chart. Be generous instead of exuding expectations. Exhaustion falls away.

TAURUS: You love pleasure and pursue it quietly. Each day, you seek satisfaction within your endeavors. At times, you’re unexpectedly playful. Deep down, you’re competitive. Your animals and/or children may exhibit this. You’re affectionate. You forgive. You’re admired yet secretive. You’re a taskmaster toward yourself. Enter the field of art. Draw, paint, sing and/or act each day; it’s your saving grace.

GEMINI: You’re protective of friends, home and family. You hide away within them (most of the time?). You have anger but no one can find it. You don’t even know why. It’s hidden in a Scorpio-sort of family situation. Be careful because resentments fly out of you; fiery sparks, sometimes. Someday, you’ll seek a more direct approach to your inner hidden world. Pursuing sports is one way of deflecting away from what hurts. You lead the way at home.

CANCER: More and more, you speak your mind, expressing ideas and opinions. Knowing a lot of this and that, you become upset when your morals and values differ from others’. Sometimes, you’re afraid and sometimes, you’re informative. Sometimes, it’s disruptive. Consider the differences and outcomes. Everyone has important information. Even silence contributes. Everyone is polishing the facet of themselves, creating the great diamond of humanity. What is your facet?

LEO: You’re working hard, which is actually usual for you. In the months to come, notice working slower and slower, being more and more precise and deliberate, producing only what you value. At times, you’re ambitious. Then, you become impatient with a fiery impulsiveness. You can also be possessive. Independence is vital; a value you defend with secrecy. What resources of your creative self are ready and available for humanity in service?

VIRGO: For a time, you’ll be more forceful than usual. A dynamic energy will pour through and forth from you, which allows you to consider new realities, new plans and endeavors. It gives you a new identity that looks independent and direct. You will be called to spontaneity, action and follow-through, only for only a while, though. Then, Mars turning retrograde, everything turns inward. You return home.

LIBRA: For a long or short amount of time, you have felt stifled from your choices. Understanding and asserting yourself to take action has been obstructed. A feeling of defeat, perhaps despair was felt. No one was encouraging or loving you enough. You need(ed) to build up self-confidence and a sense of beauty. Then, you made a decision to return somewhere. You will see how this is. Your balance is re-establishing itself. You’re strong and very sensitive. There is one more something to do.

SCORPIO: Make a spiritual decision based on comradeship to work directly with people in a state of intended cooperation. You will achieve your goals more readily. Enlarge the circle of people you trust. Do this by supporting them first in their endeavors. Cooperation is your new work and keyword. It will establish for you more permanent relations with others and call forth all hidden abilities and gifts.

SAGITTARIUS: You feel these days that you were born to be successful and to succeed; that you’re to be respected for your gifts and other people’s opinions are of no concern. You keep your eyes on the horizon while realizing that no one is an island and that “compassion” is your keyword. You learn to be more loving in the coming year, realizing everyone is of value and is useful. This makes for real leadership. Be practical with money. What is choice without limits?

CAPRICORN: You curb yourself when self-righteousness floods your lower mind. You never want to disregard others’ opinions. However, you know there is great truth beyond opinions and you seek that truth everywhere – in everything and everyone. It’s quite hidden, yes? You have trained yourself to be honest, smoothing blunt edges of communication. You’re direct when you speak and your humor finds the absurd in all events. Laughter is a companion. New leadership responsibilities make a call.

AQUARIUS: So clearly do you see through pretenses that sometimes you can be blunt in the attempt to banish untruths and illusioned glamours. This is both a gift and a difficulty. Many admire you. Some don’t understand you. You want to share. However, something hurt you long ago that makes you wary. Your desire nature is strong. It makes things happen like magic. Whatever you focus on materializes. You provide nourishment to the world so hungry.

PISCES: Be conscious and aware of interactions, especially with intimates and close family and friends. You could feel and be perceived as impatient, angry and unaware of others’ needs. Should this occur, you would feel devastated as your behavior is never like this. Use the prevailing energies to quicken your sensitivity toward everyone, including the kingdoms. Ask what are everyone’s needs, hopes, wishes and cares? What can you offer them? Cultivate these ways, developing the subtle art of relationship.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary wisdom school in the Ancient Mysteries tradition.



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