A greater measure of light arrives – we “occupy” and radiate that light


Winter solstice occurs as the Sun enters Capricorn (Thursday morning), the gate where matter returns to spirit; the light supernal at the mountaintop. Resting for three days at the Tropic of Capricorn, the Sun moves forward at midnight Christmas morning. The temple doors open and Mary (Earth, matter) gives birth to (receives) the holy child (the new light); this light being more rare and inclusive than last year’s light. Quietly, Capricorn’s Light of Initiation streams into Earth. On Christmas Day, Jupiter, heart of the Aquarian Age, turns direct in Taurus (humanity’s illumination), streaming to Earth Ray 2, love/wisdom, what Christ anchored on Earth 2,000 years ago.

Saturday, Christmas Eve, is Capricorn new moon. Sunday, Christmas Day, Capricorn (the father) moon trines (harmonizes with) Mars in Virgo (the mother). At week’s beginning, there’s a search for respite, an Inn, by everyone. The Three Astrologer Kings, studying the sky, see the brightest stars have aligned. The pregnant Madonna-Virgo-constellation appears on the horizon. Disciples begin their long ascent up the Capricorn mountain. We, too, become still, quiet and expectant. Our pathway into a greater measure of light has arrived. Let us “occupy,” then radiate that light. Peace on Earth, goodwill to all.

ARIES: You’re bold, adventurous and know all about beginnings. We see everything scattered about you, waiting for Taurus to step in with order and organization. You’re able to accomplish great things if allowed freedom and non-judgment. You surprise everyone. Your desires and aspirations take you on journeys over mountains and plains. One day, you sit down and begin to study. It builds your mind. Love happens.

TAURUS: Your companion is Vulcan, husband of Venus. Many see you as the consistent, un-complex one, driven to care for others, sustaining them unto infinity. However, there’s another side. In the fires of Vulcan, you’re shaped into gold. So often, you’re response is “No” to offers. Many think you’re stubborn and unable to change. What they don’t know is that you’re thinking, assessing and seeking mental illumination. Aldebaran and Alcyone are is your companions.

GEMINI: Gemini (mutable), Virgo (mutable) and Aquarius (fixed) are the “people” of the zodiac. You’re the twin, Virgo, the mother, Aquarius pouring the “heavenly waters for thirsty humanity.” You provide the original matrix of learning, offer the fact of duality, the good and bad, the personality and soul, matter and spirit. You create a dialogue, a mystery often, one side of you dims while the other brightens. Your Egyptian god is Thoth. You carry messages. You’re the magus.

CANCER: You’re tide-like, moody and different each time we encounter you. You’re protected, shielded and walk crab-like around an object in order to ascertain safety. You’re intuitive, but often feelings are so deep, they’re unable to be understood. You cook and nurture, find water where others can’t. The moon is your sister and you remember the past with precision. You want to be close but can’t unlock your shield. Try again.

LEO: You are the solar lord, no longer lunar. Your contact with the Sun allows a light to be revealed on Earth; a light that humanity thirsts for. You’re aware of this and not aware of this. The Christ cannot reappear until a certain percentage of the world is illumined. You’re able to radiate light through right governing, right relations and coming always from the heart. Your work is to love more.

VIRGO: Sometimes, you suffer from nervousness, the brilliance of your mind overflowing with ideas that hardly any mind can hold. Your mind constantly changes, too, and then you feel unsure of ideas becoming ideals and you think sometimes you need a new reality of self, one that contains a different level of confidence. Your constellation hovers over the Bethlehem stable scene this week. You are holy. You are one.

LIBRA: Perhaps there’s something you need to discuss with another? Are you shifting priorities? Are the choices and decisions made several months ago changing again? Relationships are primary working tools for Libra. One day, having learned so much, you live alone for a while. Have you upheld fairness in the past years? So many times, the ideal in your mind cannot meet the reality on Earth. Do you then turn away? Venus loves you.

SCORPIO: So often, as fiery water, you can obsess about something or someone. So often, you feel you’re dying. And so you are, though not physically. Instead, experiencing the “burning grounds,” you’re tested nine times, everyone leaves you and hardly anyone matches your passions. Surrender is a task Scorpios need to learn. Often, you cannot hear others, listening as you do to your own emotions. Try. Pluto is your brother.

SAGITTARIUS: You think of yourself as free and easy, but really, you’re traditional, kind-hearted, often hurting, since you’re best friends with Chiron, the centaur that was wounded and couldn’t die. Sometimes, you feel this way, too. Let me tell you about Sag. Esoterically, you hold an arrow. Its point is a beam of light. It shows the way to the Mountain of Initiation. You’re on a horse. You hold the reins. Situations occur in your life that stop you in your tracks, so you can find your way back to the light again. You’re often happy. Jupiter loves you.

CAPRICORN: Many think of you in one way but deep down there’s another person that some only sense. You act like a traditionalist but are actually a revolutionary. You may not show up in person for the Occupy movement but you’re with them heart, mind, soul and spirit. You’re an old and ancient sign. You’re the gate through which people can gain spiritual access. You don’t know this. Sometimes, people turn away from you. They can’t enter through your gate yet. You understand. Maintain the fire in the heart.

AQUARIUS: Some Aquarians act like the traditional Capricorns and some act like “no-saying” Taurus. Some Aquarians are from the future. They came here on a starship and feel lost, alien, interested, curious and wondering when they can go home. The spiritual Aquarian holds a water pot. In that pot are the stars of astrology, the emerging words of creation, the new physics and the “waters of life the Aquarian pours forth for thirsty humanity.” Aquarians need community. Where is it, they ask? Does anyone know?

PISCES: Well, you realize that when you read other people’s interpretation of you (Pisces), it often misses the mark, saying things like Neptune rules you (what does that mean?) and you’re either drunk, confused or illusioned. And you know life as a Pisces is so different. You live in the etheric folds of the universe, where the very templates of life are created by starry light beings. You’re one yourself, visiting here for a while. Sorrow you understand. And light.


Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary wisdom school in the Ancient Mystery Tradition.

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A greater measure of light arrives – we “occupy” and radiate that light