Young at heart, limber at the joints

Photo by Cristian Vasquez Learning process—Rosa Flores and Seymour Slosburg have been practicing yoga together for more than 10 years. Flores has been teaching for 25 years while Slosburg first learned about yoga at the age of 83.
Photo by Cristian Vasquez. Seymour Slosburg in the middle of his yoga practice.

Seymour Slosburg will turn 94 years old on Sept. 19 but he practice yoga better than most people half his age.

“In 2002 I found out about Yoga,” Slosburg said. “Rosa (his instructor) and I both started at Oasis over at the Westside Pavilion. We were there for one year and had a fantastic teacher. She was a fantastic gal to get started with.”

Slosburg meets with his instructor Rosa Flores twice a week at the Culver City Senior Center along with other seniors; he has been engaging in his practice for more than 10 years.

“Everybody loves him,” Flores, who has been teaching for 25 years, said. “He is an old school gentleman. “My training is to teach seniors so it is wonderful having him here; we are aging together.”

In his high school days Slosburg was a swimmer. As an adult he picked up golf and played for 40 years. “[When] I started and didn’t know anything about it,” Slosburg said. “It keeps me in great shape and it keeps my mind clear. I really enjoy it.”

Being a stranger to yoga was not enough to keep Slosburg away who is thankful he was introduced to the practice.

“Luckily somebody mentioned it and that is how I got started,” Slosburg said. “It has been very steady. Whenever I can do it, I do it.”

Committed to exercise Slosburg also walks every Saturday from his house to Rancho Golf Course and back for a total of two miles. The walk makes a good supplement for Slosburg’s workout routine.

“I have never slacked off one time,” Slosburg said. “I come to Rosa twice a week and I have another teacher so I do it three times a week. The more I do it, the more I enjoy it.”

Young at heart, limber at the joints