City offers update on homelessness emergency

At the City Council meeting on the evening of Monday, April 8, staff provided an update on the ongoing homelessness crisis, in the wake of the success of Project Homekey.

The latest count has 34 residents, including two couples, in 32 units of permanent supportive housing (and seven emotional support animals). There are also 14 residents in interim housing (and one emotional support animal).

21 guests, including two couples, are staying in the Wellness Village (safe sleep). 29 people, including four couples, are staying in the Motel Master Leasing.

Staff also provided information about the meals that are being provided to the unhoused members of the community. Breakfast includes oats, breakfast burritos, sausage, egg and  cheese sandwiches and parfaits. Lunch includes pesto chicken ciabatta, chicken salad, and chimichurri chicken on a ciabatta. Dinner includes lemon spinach alfredo, creamy broccoli mac and cheese, and homegirl salmon bowl.

Members of the Mobile Crisis Team offered information about the health issues that they treat, including wound care, infectious disease management (HIV, Hep C and CHF), and cirrhosis. They treat psychiatric issues such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia/psychosis, PTSD and bipolar, and substance issues such as alcohol, opioid, tobacco and other drugs.

Action Item 1 called for the adoption of a “resolution expanding the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration committee to include a Juneteenth celebration and approval of the amended committee bylaws.”

That item passed unanimously.

Action Item two, and the final item of a relatively uneventful meeting, called for “discussion and, if desired, approval of a budget transfer of the Independence Day Fireworks Show budget allocation of $34,000 to the off-cycle special event grant contingency fund; the additional allocation of $15,000 to 20th annual culver city car show event; an off-cycle city sponsorship to the downtown culver city business association for a July 5th drone show in the amount of $30,000 and, if desired designate this event as city-sponsored; an off-cycle city sponsorship and related street closures to share our strength in the amount of $5,000 and, if desired, designate this event as city-sponsored; a city-produced juneteenth celebration in the amount of $20,000; authorization to the city manager to approve applicable city permits and agreements necessary to produce the events; and direction to the city manager as deemed appropriate.”

That also passed unanimously.