Tapping Into Genius – Express your creativity

GETTING CREATIVE—Daniela Foster, Darryl McCrary, Kacey Oschack, Aidan Van den Broeck, and Jaylen Rosado participated in the JAVA GALA at Kirk Douglas Theater. The art, dance, film, music and theater showcase was presented by the AVPA program at Culver City High. Photo courtesy of Ed Biagiotti



“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it has produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.” – Ken Robinson

Many of us walk around under the false belief that we are not creative. Considering that every choice we make is a creative act, nothing could be further from the truth. On top of that, we all bring a unique perspective, a way of walking and talking, and our own set of personal desires and interests to the world. While that may not sound like much, it is. When we express our true selves through our choices, we have more energy and ideas to share with others.

Often, when we are unhappy, it is because we are holding too much of ourselves inside. It is that built up energy that leads to a feeling of frustration, bitterness, and doubt. Finding healthy ways to express ourselves is the cornerstone of a happy life. We can express ourselves through writing, golf, fashion, surfing, or the food we eat. The important thing is that we express ourselves. Even the darkest thoughts and emotions will be transformed when they are brought into the light.

I worked with a kindergarten student who was getting into trouble in class. He was always making noises at inappropriate times and seemed to have a dark cloud around him. One day, while we were getting to know each other, I offered crayons and paper as a fun activity. He immediately went to work, drawing all sorts of monsters and telling me stories about the pictures. As he expressed himself creatively, his whole energy lightened up. We discovered that he was also more attentive and on-task in class after he had an opportunity to spend some time getting his thoughts out on paper with crayons.

If we do not give our thoughts a place to be creatively expressed then they get bottled up inside and can come out in all sorts of unexpected ways. We might get upset with people we love, experience road rage, or develop an issue with our health. All of these things act as indicators, letting us know that we are holding onto something that we need to let go of. The best way to do that is to find creative outlets that allow us to express ourselves without judgment. The best kind are the ones that bring us joy; they leave us feeling lighter and more enthusiastic about being alive.

If your emotions have been boiling over, bringing you down, or have you feeling stuck, it is time to express yourself. Get re-engaged with your favorite avenues for self expression or find a new way that is calling to you. Dance, sing, write, exercise, or laugh your worries away with laughter yoga. Once you reconnect with your authentic thoughts and feelings and hear yourself out, you will fall back in love with life. The only effort required will be your willingness to feel better. Declare that you are worthy of being seen and heard. When you do, you will find that life conspires to support you in living in a way that expresses who you truly are.

Edward Biagiotti is the Inclusion Specialist for Culver City Unified School District. For questions, comments, and ideas for future columns, send an email to: EdwardBiagiotti@ccusd.org

Tapping Into Genius – Express your creativity