Full moon and Rob Hopkins teleconference

Two events are occurring this week important for all of humanity. One is the full moon Cancer (a nourishing sustaining light radiated to Earth) solar festival (22 degrees) Thursday night close to midnight (11:40 p.m., PST). Read about it Thursday on my Facebook page – Risa’s Esoteric Astrology.

The second event, Monday, July 18, is the live teleconference of A Conversation with Rob Hopkins. Rob is a teacher, writer, permaculturist, author of Transition Handbook, co-founder of Transition Town Initiative. Richard Heinberg (author of 10 books, including The Party’s Over, Peak Everything and soon, The End of Growth) will host. To be part of the conversation presented by Transition United States, go to transitionus.org/event/conversation-rob-hopkins.

On the West Coast, the event occurs early in the morning (8 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.). One of the conversations will be about how Transition (initiative, ideas, towns) is taking shape in the U.S. Why this conversation is both interesting and important is that there are new ways of thinking and emerging ideas from around the world, evolving in the Transition Movement. How can Transition Town concept, a local-to-global phenomenon of new awareness, continue to be relevant in the current political and economic climate? How do we raise awareness about self-sufficiency, sustainability, cooperatives and working with nature (permaculturist theory)? In other words, how do we become sensible again in the present world situation? How does the concept of TT reach areas that are not already left-leaning (alternative)?

This conversation is appropriate now in this last week of Cancer, the sign that distributes sustaining nourishment to all of life. Cancer is the “gate through which spirit (new ideas) enters matter.” Cancer receives and distributes to Earth rays 3 and 7. Ray 3 is intelligence and new ideas, and Ray 7 forms the needed new rhythm, consciousness, culture and civilization for humanity. Transition Town sows the seed of this new state of reality to be created in the Aquarian Age. A town in need of emergency Transition measures is Oak Park, Mich., where front yard vegetable gardens are against the law. See michiganmessenger.com/…/front-yard-garden-sends-oak-park-resident-to- court. It’s time for the revolution.

ARIES: A few questions are in order based on looking at your chart. What’s occurring in your work world? Transformation? How are you holding up? What’s happening with relationships, including marriage? Do you feel committed or uncommitted? How do you see yourself? Are you feeling like a revolution has taken hold of your body, emotions and mind? It has – love’s hard, the world’s changing. Hold on. Love’s underlying everything.

TAURUS: Everyone around you has become a source of support and ideas so that you can become more of yourself. New viewpoints, archetypes, even the consideration of different geographical locations shifts your worldview, tilting it from how you grew up into an entirely new vista. Take very special care of your health. Consult a medical astrologer if needed.

GEMINI: I have been writing about devas, light beings and angels recently, citing the work at Findhorn, working with devas who build all things in form and matter. I have written that we are to work with them directly in creating the new culture and civilization. In your present state of dreaming, you can actually see angels/devas if you communicate with them from your heart. Do you have roses? There are rose devas and all types of flower and plant devas. They like you.

CANCER: You’re sensitive more than usual and, therefore, your energy may feel low to middling to erratic. Rest is needed. Are finances and money concerning you? Do you want to discuss these issues but feel apprehensive? No matter what you do these days, the focus is upon retreat to things contemplative and quiet. You need quiet to heal, actually. Rest your eyes.

LEO: It’s a contemplative and quiet time for you, too, but in a different way than for Cancer. You are to contemplate religious feelings. Contemplate what it’s like to be behind the scenes, and the fact that you gestate new ideas and so often they’re not accepted or understood. It’s the light that emanates from your heart that sometimes gets in the way of your message. Don’t change though.

VIRGO: Are your thoughts about the past at times, and then leap to the future? This makes the present difficult to be present in. So many new things will occur in the coming months. Resting, visualizing and imagining are things to do now in preparation. Make sure all responsibilities are completed with grace and goodwill. Something romantic and creative calls you. What is it? Keep walking.

LIBRA: It’s most important to act, be and dress your professional best at all times these days. Make yourself as beautiful and/or as handsome as possible – tailored, conservative, emanating quality and value. In between professional tasks, think about traveling somewhere that provides education and pleasure. Observe carefully your partner’s needs. Relationships are topsy-turvy relationally from July 9 onward. You must stabilize them.

SCORPIO: Do you feel rather awkward? Are things uncomfortable? Are you more than the usual ill-at-ease, out of your depth, self-conscious and discomfited? Things are really unusual this month for some signs. Don’t turn on yourself or others when difficulties arise. This will end. Use money very wisely. Expect delays. Turn to art, music, good food and spirituality instead.

SAGITTARIUS: All relationships, intimacies, friendships, partnerships and interactions will require on your part a greater sensitivity. Step back from being the glamorous one who is brilliant, displaying and voicing your wounds. Observe others for a while to see if they are feeling sad, overwhelmed or neglected. You will be called to repair, tend to, sustain and maintain all relationships. The reward is surprising.

CAPRICORN: For the next year, it’s good to have young people nearby and good to have a child or consider having one. For the next year, there will be continual change. They will turn to blessings. More and more, you will want to explore places unknown through the written word or travel. Everything that occurs will make you a better, more grace-filled person. You will be guided toward a new independence.

AQUARIUS: It’s good to remember joys shared with family. If you have children or are around them, pay special and deep attention to them. It’s what both of you need. For astrological reasons, it’s good to entertain now and to have friends around, sharing gifts. From this week until December, a more-than-usual rebelliousness overtakes you. Use it to create something – like the new culture and civilization.

PISCES: Traveling and communication, writing and teaching – many goals will begin to come forth unexpectedly. Be careful with medicines and any type of drugs. Lock doors and windows, and don’t gamble. Be careful with fire and hot things. Mars is out and about. Use restlessness and discontent to know it’s time to travel and move about again. Pack lightly. Don’t end anything. Not yet.


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