Esoteric Astrology as news for week April 12- 18, 2017

The Story of Passion Week & Easter


It is Easter Week, also called Passion Week. The story of Jesus the Christ, an Avatar from the blue-white star Sirius, who was judged, crucified, died and then resurrected from the tomb. The narrative focuses upon death. With one day set aside for resurrection. The new narrative for humanity concerning the Christ (Piscean & Aquarian World Teacher) in this biblical story, concerns the Resurrection.


What happened this Passion Week a long time ago? And what is occurring now? From Monday through Wednesday, Christ taught His Disciples hidden esoteric teachings, preparing them for His death. On Holy Thursday, at the Last Supper (Passover) Christ anchored the new Piscean religion & the priesthood. On Good Friday, the Christ at his crucifixion, “rent’ (tore/broke) the veils” that separated humanity from returning to the Father.


On Holy Saturday, the Christ entered deep into the Earth & welcomed the Souls waiting for release and lifted them into heaven. On Sunday, Resurrection Day, the Christ, rolling the rock back, demonstrated to humanity the fact that there is no death. There is only liberation from captivity in matter. And a Great Adventure in death, ahead.


Christ’s three-year mission on Earth, culminating in the Easter/Resurrection festival, was a labor done for all of humanity. He closed one great cycle (Aries) and initiated the new cycle of Pisces (sign of the Savior). In the Aquarian Age, the esoteric (hidden) teachings focus upon the fact of the resurrected and liberated humanity, released from the Cosmic Crucifix. Now we are preparing for Christ’s Reappearance as the Aquarian teacher. Everyone will recognize Him this time. Christ will return as the Water Carrier, meeting the needs of the thirsty nations of the world – thirsty for truth, right human relations and loving understanding. We prepare for this. We pray for our world – thirsty and in crisis.


ARIES: You’re here, there and everywhere. In and out, up and down. The energies are dynamic yet contemplative, fiery yet watery, leading to excessive activities and times of melancholy. Attempt to focus within the heart. This allows all new ideas, not yet to be acted upon, to filter through the question “Is this for the Goodwill of everyone?” The answer allows you to know the best course of action through tumultuous times.


TAURUS: You’re often in serious contemplation or study, attempting to sort out details, feelings, instincts, and intuitions. The main key is truth. You may not know immediately what you feel. However, you must still express to others when the timing isn’t right, when the path isn’t clear, when the past hasn’t caught up to the present/future. You know moving forward without right timing is foolish. So many retrogrades these days!

GEMINI: Do not be discouraged. Love’s hiding so you can assess your wants, needs, and aspirations first. Pleasure might also be hidden, delayed until just the right time to come out and play. Be very aware of the Easter festival. Since love pours down on all of humanity during the festival, and since you’re Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom), you’re in the direct pathway to receive. Allow nothing to interrupt your meditations.


CANCER: Anything unresolved with intimates and relationships (even those who have died) will reappear through feelings, thoughts, emotions and memories. Attempt to reconnect with grace and equanimity remembering “Love underlies all events and happenings.” Life creates tests, losses, sadnesses and meaningful encounters, so that we are strengthened. Contemplate on all ideas and dreams being impressed upon your mind. They are messages.


LEO: It’s as if you need a ship to navigate the tides going in and out of your life. See yourself at the seashore, building a fire close to the water’s edge. Then contemplate both elements – fire and water. When they join, a new reality, new direction and a new awareness of life occur. You need these. The challenge will be maintaining an inner steady course when emotions become overwhelming. You can do this. Talk with those who love you. The animal and plant kingdoms listen well.


VIRGO: You’ll be practical as well as creative with money and finances, day-to-day events, plans, connections and agendas. Even if you feel like an inner explosion might occur, focus on how to bring balance and harmony, caution and care into all situations. The week is paradoxical with polarized realities everywhere. Stand in the middle where the light is. That will be your adventure.


LIBRA: You continue to assess what you’re able to provide to others, especially those close to you. You also review exactly what you need. Sometimes realizations can be difficult especially for Librans who want to have harmony above conflict, ease above constant change. You want more depth, meaning, closeness and yet also freedom. Sometimes a dilemma. Maintain silence this week, listening only to the heart of nature. You will forgive and then love more.


SCORPIO: Find ways to express yourself, not necessarily through words but through exercise, yoga, tai chi, walking, running, cooking, music, boating, etc. However you express yourself, movement is what is important for it will sustain and stabilize highly emotional trigger points. Daily life stresses make you feel like escape is necessary. Yes, do escape. You know how to do this. Ohm.


SAGITTARIUS: Use your mind and spiritual will to focus on health and well-being. Think prevention. Then attempt to enjoy yourself. Both are important. You have a real sense of confidence in your intelligent and good planning. When you’re truly mindful, your communication infects others with laughter, inspiration and enthusiasm. You bring a “resurrection” to people. An upliftment. Ponder these things during the Easter festival. Attend church and pray.


CAPRICORN: As you tend to needed domestic duties and disciplines a small voice, becoming louder and stronger, calls for a change and a bit more freedom. Be caring when communicating with family. You could feel impatient, saying things you later regret. You may work harder and longer to the point that exhaustion follows. Don’t allow that to occur. In all ways, you are recognized, needed, creative and very valuable.


AQUARIUS: Maintain strict limits and agendas so time and money are not wasted. Discipline allows the intuition to emerge. When we have no discipline, intuition has nothing to focus upon. Should you need anything realize your communication abilities are excellent. Ask and it will be given. Give and more will be asked of you. Both must occur. Think on all the love and goodness your life has provided. This goodness rules your life.


PISCES: What you communicate will affect many people. Tell the truth about your experiences. Let people know both your inner and outer realities. No matter what is occurring in your life, move toward it with grace and love and willingness. Great good will come of it. Remember this when the road becomes rocky. (Only for a small amount of time). Read Psalm 91. Write daily in your Gratitude Journal.


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