Council votes Mandell as promoter for the 2015 Summer Concert Series

In a world of seemingly constant change, some appear to remain the same. In Culver City, it’s another year, another Culver City Summer Concert Series produced by Gary Mandell.

Mandell once again will take charge of the summertime music fest this year after the City Council unanimously approved a budget of $39, 662, nearly $2,000 more than last year’s budget.

Councilman Jim Clarke said Mandell’s ability to run well attended concerts is well-known. The new duties that Mandell has been assigned by the city typically fall outside a producer’s role and are what makes it more challenging, the councilman said.

“Gary’s done a fine job in running the concert as a music producer. His heart is into it. The difficult part for him and anyone is the fundraising and sponsorship efforts, [because that] takes a lot of time and I’m sure he would prefer to focus on the entertainment,” Clarke said.

Mandell, who owns Boulevard Music on Sepulveda Boulevard, requested a producer’s fee of $6,000 and a sales fee of $2,000 to obtain sponsors. He is also asking for $2,000 as a marketing fee. “Most producers don’t do marketing and bring in sponsors,” he told the News last week.

As has been the case over the last few years, Mandell will produce six concerts beginning in July.

In recent years, the selection of Mandell as concert producer has been far less politically charged. He has withstood opposition from two former members of the council and multiple attempts by the city to have Culver City Cultural Affairs Dept. take over running the concerts.

But there was no sign of past turbulence at the council meeting as the vote for Mandell sailed through without any obstacles.