CCPD releases brief on Platform shooting

Man was killed on Aug. 3 in police involved shooting

On Dec. 7, the Culver City Police Department released a community brief detailing an Aug. 3 officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of Jesse Van Loozen, a 34-year old white male. An officer was also accidently shot during the incident.

Van Loozen entered the first floor elevator of the parking structure at The Platform — located at 8850 Washington Blvd. — at approximately 2:13 p.m. on Aug. 3, and was seen on security cameras entering a stairwell on the roof. Soon after, water begins streaming from the door as Van Loozen busted a pipe in the stairwell. This resulted in the Culver City Fire Department being dispatched, and they arrived before CCPD.

Van Loozen then locked himself in stairwell, and CCFD requested a PD Code 3 (Immediate Emergency Response) as a response. Concurrently, an initial call was made by Platform security to 911 regarding Van Loozen, who tells officers that “a guy opened some water sprinklers, and he has a knife.” The dispatcher then asks if it looks like a homeless person, which the caller confirms.

Officers were dispatched to the scene at 2:26 p.m. Communication from the dispatcher to CCPD describes Van Loozen as a “transient that has locked himself in the stairwell at the top floor…male white, late 20’s, wearing a black shirt and underwear.” 

They arrived at the scene at 2:30 p.m., and attempts were made to make contact with Van Loozen at 2:32.

Body cam footage is shown of the attempted contact, as four officers are seen walking to the top floor door that Van Loozen was last seen behind. The officers ask him to come out slowly and tells him they want to help. 

They are carrying weapons, and an officer seen in a body cam raises and points weapon Van Loozen opens door, then quickly closes it back. In addition to standard issue handguns, a foam gun used as a non-lethal deterrent was also used.

At this point, a mental evaluation officer arrived on scene and attempted to talk to Van Loozen at 2:45. Simultaneously, a unit was climbing up the stairwell, and gained visual contact of Van Loozen at 2:46 p.m., who is seen holding a pipe.

An officer flashes the light on his handgun and yells at Van Loozen to drop the pipe as the standoff continues for several minutes.

At 2:49 p.m., Van Loozen abruptly opened the door and attempted to exit the stairwell. Along with the aforementioned pipe, officers saw a knife in his hand, which was quickly pointed out by officers as Van Loozen took several steps towards officers.

A shout of “watch out, knife” was heard on the body cam footage before several shots were fired. Several camera angles are given, some to the side, but one directly straight on that shows him opening the door and attempting to move at officers. 

Van Loozen was struck and was immediately rendered medical aid by CCPD, but he died at the hospital. An unidentified CCPD officer was also struck, but he survived the incident and is recovering at home.

Following critical incidents, investigations are done by four separate entities. LA County Sheriff’s Department conducts criminal investigation, focusing on actions during the incident

The LA County District Attorney’s Office conducts a legal investigation, and determines whether or not use of force was justified.

The LA County Coroner’s Office provides autopsy based investigation, determining exact cause of death and its relation to the incident.

Finally, CCPD Professional Standards Unit conducts administrative investigation, and determines whether or not CCPD policy was violated in the incident.

For more information, watch the full community briefing on the Culver City Police Department YouTube channel.