Boulevard Music now open for in-person lessons


By Lauren Ellis

After a year and a half hosting online classes, Boulevard Music is pleased to announce that in-person lessons have returned. 

Since March last year, all music lessons have been conducted online to ensure the safety of both students and teachers, as has been the experience for many educational institutions alike around the globe. 

Gary Mandell, owner of Boulevard Music and accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger states ‘as much as I love music, I like our customers to live a long healthy life’ therefore, he decided to introduce remote learning, not only for the health and safety of staff and students but a way to for his young students to continue to pursue their music education. Mandell says remote teaching has not been without its challenges, ‘being online, especially with very young students, requires a parent to help out on the other end, and that isn’t the case when we’re in the same room together’. 

Despite this, having the ability to continue offering lessons to students throughout the pandemic has been a positive alternative many have not had. Mandell is ‘thankful to Steve Jobs’ for his contributions to technology, specifically for revolutionizing teaching and learning in the digital space. He also mentions that ‘everyone should be thanking their teachers, especially those teaching elementary school!’. 

Mandell has been teaching music for over 50 years and is glad to finally be back in-store, ‘lessons are a lot better in person!’. Over the years, Boulevard Music has also been host to many live acts including touring groups from around the country. Mandell hopes to resume live performances and festivals in Culver City in the future, but for now, they are taking things one step at a time. 

Boulevard Music boasts an expansive roster of teaching staff who are experienced professionals. They offer lessons on instruments ranging from guitar, piano, and drum set, to cello, banjo, woodwinds, and trumpet. Lessons are available for students of all ages. Details can be found at

Boulevard Music now open for in-person lessons