‘Atrocious mess’

I have lived in Culver City nearly all of my life and never have I been so embarrassed by such a kangaroo Council. It did not even let (the) Vice Mayor speak about the Housing Element before the vote, a decision made by the Council that will irrevocably harm the City. I am used to being muted and muzzled by the YIMBY Council majority, but it was painful to see it being done by Mayor Lee to Vice Mayor Vera so he could catch his plane. Due process was deprived from the Citizens, and the whole Council should be embarrassed how the matters were rushed through. I do not know what the allegations were against Mark Lipman, but I don’t feel he was given sufficient notice and opportunity to be heard. As a citizen, I had no idea why he was being removed based on the hearing and rushing it like that regardless of the merits creates an appearance of injustice. Due Process is all about the fair notice and opportunity to be heard. Culver Citizens, we need to reject the CCAN/CCDC Sahli-Wells coalition and put on new Council Members on the Council in 2022 who are devoted to Culver City and not their political careers and ambitions.

— Ron Ostrin


  1. The complaint against Mr. Lipman was detailed in the documents accompanying the Council agenda. Mr. Ostrin’s failure to read it reflects only on himself.
    Similarly, as an attorney, he should know that due process describes one’s rights in the legal system, not at government meetings.
    He is right to feel embarrassed, but is mistaken about why.