Aquarius – Space Waters

The Mercury retrograde continues. We all circle inward. Well, most of us. Those born with natal Mercury retrograde are going out and about, finally feeling they are free and able to speak their mind. However, hardly anyone can hear them. Only natal Mercury retrograde people can hear other natal Mercury retrograde people during Mercury retrograde times. The rest of us are quietly resting. It’s good to know one’s astrology chart and those of family and friends. Then one can understand why people communicate as they do. Astrology is about relationship, and relationship is about communication and Mercury blends the two.

Aquarius is related to the “waters” (electrical waves) of space. Earth, receiving these “waters” is made up of “precipitated waters of space.” Madame H.P. Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine writes, “Space is potential. Space pulsates with waves of livingness.”In space there are innumerable waves, which are the background of every existence in the phenomenal world. The subtle intelligences distribute them through the pulsations and vibrations inherent in space. They are all aspects of the Aquarian waves of electrical energy. The symbol of Aquarius hints at this with two electric lines or two waves in space.

Aquarius belongs to the air signs of the zodiac (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), which are the causes of creation. They elevate human consciousness to the space age, in which the subtler sciences emerge anew in humanity. The energy of Aquarius belongs to Uranus (its ruler). The two resonate by their very electrical nature. It is the energy that shapes forms and also breaks them up if they are not suitable for the new era.

Scientific thinking and technology are very characteristic of Aquarius and Uranus and both are associated with the Ray 5 (Concrete Science and Knowledge). Ray 5 is a star in the Big Dipper. The color of Ray 5 is golden orange. Scientific knowledge develops under Aquarius and Uranus guides us (scientists, thinkers, etc.)to the very edges of light and wisdom. The coming new era, the Kingdom of Aquarius will be colorful. Those born under Aquarius are too. (For Daily Updates, see

ARIES: You know health is more important than anything. With Mercury retro your health must be your intelligent focus. Tend and care for all aspects of your body – from teeth to eyes to digestion. Stretch, do yoga and walk while considering the plans for your foods,  green drinks, pure water, vitamins, minerals and homeopathy. Think daily rhythmic health regime. This mindful lifestyle allows you to feel more safe, efficient, effective and successful. A certain happiness and joy then permeates your life.

TAURUS: You retreat inward to a place where imagination becomes creative and creativity becomes real. This becomes fun for you, a newly revealed creativity. And you do always want to have fun. Quiet investigations turn into new art forms, combining art with music. In the outer world responsibilities take more time (especially with groups, children, elders or animals who might be irritated). As it takes more time to complete tasks, you may feel at times your creativity is lost forever. It’s not.

GEMINI: We had a talk last week. Here’s an overview. You’re at a fork in the road. There’s nowhere to go (not yet). You seek likeminded others. The times now demand, for you and humanity, that choices be made that determine the future. Each will be given time to decide, then a “call” is sounded forth. You remain where you are now, feeling safe in past patterns. However, Aquarius dissolves the past, creates a tension within concerning coming changes. It arrives right on time. The Two of Wands (tarot) just showed up for you.

CANCER: Your past is in the present and it’s shaking up what you thought was your reality. Always seeking to know the truth,  you said recently that you found your path. You remain hiding away at home often feeling there’s not enough time, energy or money. This will change as life changes later in the year. The fear you feel, the needs of the family,  your sense of responsibility make you feel overloaded. You may think of moving. But where? Begin your spring garden. One task at a time, efficiently

LEO: Ponder upon finances and the economy. And what your values are. Pallas Athena, the asteroid of brilliance, daughter of benevolent Jupiter is presently influencing your state of resources. Do you sense your values are different than others’? Do you feel a lack of some type of resource? Perhaps it’s your confidence and self-esteem. Do you feel you have enough to thrive? Build new resources up slowly. Ask where you deny yourself. Ask what calls deeply to you. What do you presently love?

VIRGO: Conserving your daily life energy is most important. Do not push yourself out into the world of communication or misunderstandings could occur. Should you feel inactive with no initiative, know that this is exactly how you should feel. Slow down, tend to how you eat, exercise, garden, pets, etc. Redo your image and how you dress. Adapt to things and new ways of being slowly and reflectively. Gaze into a deep pool of water. Grow roses, hollyhocks and narcissus.

LIBRA: How is your sleep? Overmuch or too little? Dreams that direct, awaken, scare or overwhelm? Do you sense that you can no longer live with excuses about certain separations in your life? Their energy has run out? Write down visions, hopes wishes and dreams, things visualized and imagined. Encourage yourself, protect yourself and make yourself happy by being with just the right people. Seek places where forgiveness must be given. Forgiveness heals everything.

SCORPIO: Unconscious thoughts and visions from the past appear as well as friends and loved ones and a few strangers from the past show up. They are unexpected, at times not quite welcome. Be graceful and kind anyway. At times you feel ingenious, at other times, strategic. We will all need to be strategic soon in terms of the coming times. Allow no struggle in relationship. Tell Mars you want its more passionate, less warring side. Many small acts of goodness change the world. Have intentions for Goodwill in all endeavors.

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid all types of conflict, even the ones you’re only thinking about. This will safeguard your future. Thoughts are “things”. They have energy behind them, and sometimes “projectiles”. Whatever you think, it’s an emanation of energy from you and it always finds its target. If your thoughts are of Goodwill towards others, the hearts and minds of everyone are uplifted. You don’t want to go to war with anyone in your profession. You want more than survival and conquest. You want harmony, lightness, the outcome of all relationships like the Balm of Gilead.

CAPRICORN: It is a time for reviewing all goals, for assessing their reality without compromise and figuring out the details to be worked out. What are the benefits of each goal and how will they direct your life towards happiness in the future? It is good to consider a garden of medicinal herbs this year, growing them in greenhouses, protecting them from the results of chemtrails in our water, foods, milk, soil and air. This may be your most important task and you will find the best way to create it. Think creatively. Think fragrance, color, wood and glass.


AQUARIUS: You have relied on yourself most of your life; relying on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, creativity and resources. Either open a little store or begin to give away and/or  recycle everything in order to reconstruct a clearer picture of where you think you’re going, where you want to go and why. You will express  your deepest hopes and dreams, wearing your heart on your sleeve as well as rekindle relationships that sustain, encourage, and care for you. You will return that care in kind. Your tarot card is the Two of Cups.

PISCES: Have as a three-month intention to work with the Will to Good and with harmony as struggles, confrontations and frustrations appear in  the small details of daily life. Also, in relationships. Do not think in cross-purposes but respect what others are saying and doing. Look at everyone as an angel in disguise, visiting you for a while, with a lesson in hand. Be generous with your time, showing gratitude and appreciation. Always be of good cheer. Make that a choice. Then each moment you will succeed. And your healing proceeds and accelerates.