Yaeger throws hat in ring for council

(Leif Bergerson)

Culver City city council candidate Devin Yaeger is a UCLA law student and an entrepreneur, and he says his priority is to end homelessness in this city. That’s the headline on his platform, and he says that he has the know-how to get it done.

Yaeger owns and operates an attorney search firm in L.A.

“We help attorneys change firms and help small law firms merge with larger firms,” he told the News. “Prior to entering this field, I worked in forensic accounting investigating fraud and providing economic analysis to lawyering litigating matters involving insolvent companies. This summer I was a summer associate at Jeffer Mangels Butler and Mitchell LLP, working in their M&A/Corporate Law department. More info can be found at: alignedcs.com (my company) and jmbm.com (where I am scheduled to begin working following law school).”

The candidate is also engaged in other entrepreneurial pursuits, primarily in real estate.

“I buy, renovate, and rent out small apartment buildings, and represent first time homebuyers seeking to enter property ownership,” he said. “I also am in the process of syndicating a moonshot solar energy project in East Africa. I cannot get into the details of it too much as it is in its early stages and I am bound by confidentiality agreements, but if it succeeds, it will be a life-changing project not just for myself, but for hundreds of thousands of people in the developing world.”

This is Yaeger’s first time running for political office.

“Like many in my Culver City community, I am fed up with the lack of progress on homelessness,” he said. “It is time for change. And the current leadership has failed to demonstrate they are able or willing to make the changes necessary for my constituents (principally the marginalized communities along Tilden, Huron, Bentley, Globe, etc) to live safe, peaceful lives.”

Yaeger, who says that he respects General Eisenhower for his ability to get results by rolling up his sleeves, founded a nonprofit called the Yaeger Development Agency. 

“We provide free medicine to impoverished communities in Uganda,” he said. “We also build wells, build clean drinking water and hand washing stations in Kampala, and run a 250+ member youth soccer academy for orphans.”

He says that his biggest achievements to date are his marriage in December, and the properties he acquired both here and abroad by the age of 29 “through hard work and fiscal responsibility.”

As for his platform, homelessness is right at the top.

“In order of priority and what I think is achievable in my capacity as a Councilperson: Eliminating homelessness in Culver City by giving police/fire/other services a clear directive on ENDING HOMELESSNESS NOW,” he said. “We will do this by creating a dedicated joint-task force composed of police, sanitation, and fire to tackle homelessness and provide taxpayers easy access to services like cleaning up unsanitary conditions created by this urban tragedy.”

Thankfully, he has a plan beyond simply getting rid of the homeless community. 

“Making home renovation permits cheaper and easier to obtain, and reducing requirements that impede the construction of reasonably priced housing,” he said.

Yaeger has plans beyond homelessness too.

“Securing public schools so that a calamity such as Sandy Hook never occurs here,” he said. “Adding practical high school courses such as personal finance, tax planning, and real estate in order to teach the next generation how to accumulate generational wealth and open their minds to entrepreneurial pursuits; as well as offer alternative paths to high paying trades such as plumbing, electrician, framers, etc. Cutting bureaucratic waste and idealism in order for city services to focus on residents immediate needs – safety, cleanliness, parking, better trash pickup, etc. Holding City Hall accountable for past follies and fighting to make sure idealistic but impractical programs take a backseat to the practical issues everyday Culver City residents face.”

Find out more at devin4culvercitycouncil.com