The Maple Block is a solid lunch spot

(Photo by Brett Callwood)

It’s been a year since we were last at the Maple Block on Sepulveda, and we found ourselves there for work purposes (the large wooden tables are conducive to group meet-ups, whatever the reason). 

It’s convenient because their menu is extensive, packed with barbecue joy. We had the opportunity to try something different, because last time this writer was on a bit of a health kick and we’re bound by no such restrictions this time.

A year ago, we had the BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, which was actually divine. Naturally, the chicken was the star of the show – juicy and smoky, with the slightest of bites. But, contrary to what you might expect from a barbecue restaurant, the rest of the salad wasn’t too shabby either.

This time we went with the Maple Block’s “Lunch Box” meal deal – a sandwich filled with a meat of your choice, plus a side and a drink. We chose the “old school” brisket option, which was incredible. The meat, slathered in the house BBQ sauce, melts in your mouth. When ordering the expertly cooked brisket separately, the super-helpful staff ask if you want your meat lean or fatty, as the fat helps the meat to remain moist. When ordering the lunch box option, there are no such choices but it doesn’t matter. The cooks here know exactly how to cook brisket so that it falls apart on the fork.

The smokey flavor is exquisite and the beef is seasoned perfectly, all of the flavors creating an orchestra of barbecue on your tongue and your tastebuds swaying to the performance. It all works wonderfully well.

The meal is served with a choice of sides, and we went with the potato salad which was creamy, chunky and very comforting. The texture contrasts beautifully with the meat, enhanced greater by the side of warm buttermilk biscuits that we got for the table. 

The food is just one element of what makes the Maple Block so special. The wooden tables and exposed brick in the interior only serves to enhance the vibe. There are quality barbecue joints all over Los Angeles and indeed Culver City, but it’s these little touches at Maple Block that help it stand out.

The Maple Block remains a Culver City treasure.

The Maple Block is located at 3973 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City 90230. Contact 310-313-6328 and visit