Janet Klein brings her Parlor Boys back to Boulevard

(Photo by Robert Loveless)

Jaunty vintage troupe Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys perform at Boulevard Music next Saturday. Klein last spoke with the News in 2022 as they were about to perform at the same venue, and she was happy to chat again about what they have been up to and what they have in store this time…

What have you been up to since your last Boulevard show? 

We have been happily getting out and playing live shows both with my band.. and also some specialty out of town shows with outstanding  pianist Frederick Hodges. Compiling and woodshedding lots of “new“ (vintage 1920s-30s) material. I’ve been concentrating on music written for early sound films; Treasure hunting extant material written for early movie musicals by the likes of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, Ralph Rainger George & Ira Gershwin, Max Steiner, etc. Bandmate Randy Woltz and I performed some tunes for an Austrian television documentary on Max Steiner

Do you have any new recorded music available?

During the pandemic we released  a digital album as well as a physical CD entitled “Yiddisha Follies”, (the CDs sold out!) but the recordings are available for digital download at https://janetklein.bandcamp.com/. We are soon to be back in the studio to record within the next several months.. definite plans in the works!

What are your memories of performing at Boulevard Music?

We so appreciate playing at Boulevard Music over many years. It’s like home for us. I’ll always treasure memories of our shows there with Ian Whitcomb who sadly passed away April 2020. We still carry forward a few of his British Music Hall tunes and some of his personal compositions (written under hilarious pseudonyms like O.Stoppit, or Oliver de Cologne ( o’ de cologne to his pals). Also glad that there is footage floating out there of a show we did at Boulevard with friends from Japan, the “Sweet Hollywaiians”

What can the audience expect from the set this time?

I’ll have guitarist, banjoiste, singer & whistler extraordinaire, John Reynolds, Ace pianist Randy Woltz, the fabulous Marquis Howell on bass and man in demand Geoff Nudell on assorted wind instruments . we’ll be introducing some jazz age rarities as we love to do. True musical pep tonic.

What else do you have coming up?                                  

We will be playing for a celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Castle Green in Pasadena March 16th. A Concert in the Grand Salon followed dancing & more vintage entertainment by Alex Mendham & his Orchestra. And more fun down at Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo in May.

Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys perform at 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 24 at Boulevard Music. Go to boulevardmusic.com for more information about the show. 

Elsewhere this week

The Culver Hotel will be hosting the likes of Sylvia & the Rhythm Boys, and Scotty Bramer. Go to culverhotel.com for more info.

There’s a full program of music at the Cinema Bar this week, as usual. The Hot Club of Los Angeles plays every Monday, and Wednesdays are singer/songwriter and open mic night. Other artists performing this week include John Surge, Teelo & Friends Show, Groovy Rednecks, Raven Hernandez of Redbone, and We The Folk. Go to thecinemabar.com for more info.