Primary Election on horizon

The California Primary Election takes place on March 5 and, while the presidential candidates for each party seem to have their nomination locked (President Biden, and Trump), there are other items on the ballot that are worthy of your attention.

Senator Dianne Feinstein has vacated her seat, so that primary race will be important. Meanwhile, according to, “Culver City is represented by the LA County Board of Supervisors’ Second District seat, currently held by incumbent Holly J. Mitchell. She’s facing a challenge from Daphne D. Bradford, Clint D. Carlton and Katrina Williams. Culver City is represented in the state Assembly’s District 55. Incumbent Democratic Assemblymember Isaac Bryan faces a challenge from Republican Keith Cascio.”

A hot topic in recent weeks has been Measure E, a bond to help with school renovations. A recent Letter to the Editor from the La Ballona Elementary community stated that, “we are in support of Measure E to renovate and improve our outdated and unsafe facilities. As we shelter from the rain this weekend, the custodial staff and principal at La Ballona are dreading what the days of wet rain will bring. Will the main courtyard flood from a clogged drain and turn the line-up area into a lake? Will the roof leak into the teacher’s lounge through the already missing ceiling tiles onto the working areas (where lesson plans are created and copied)? How big will the waterfalls get with this rain where two busted rain gutters dump right in front of the newly decorated library and special education office? Will the exterior of the second floor wall give way where the rain pipe has worn out a dent in the wall across two stories?”

There appears to be a group that feel the bond will be used for nefarious purposes. Ultimately, everyone gets to have their say on the ballot.