Springtime in Los Angeles

By Jeremy Friedman

This quarantine –

our nation’s hibernation –

is felt with a uniqueness here, as we’re

enduring this lost time in Los Angeles


In other years, for cold-weather-climate transplants,

LA’s lack of a harsh winter leaves us lacking –

we miss the euphoria of spring,

the release from months-long indoors captivity


In many other places, baseball spring training

symbolizes forthcoming relief

from frigid winter bondage

But not in LA, where Groundhog Day is just a movie


This year’s stay-at-home orders, though, have

imposed a winter of inactivity in the City of Angels –

closing gyms, tennis courts, golf courses,

hiking trails, beaches and so much else


Whenever on the calendar

this quarantine eventually ends,

for some of us it will be

our first true springtime in Los Angeles –

our first time to spring back to action here,

our first unfettered joy at regaining

the freedom of the outdoors here,

finally making it a home

                        away from home

Jeremy Friedman, a resident of the Palms/Culver City area, is a lawyer and poet, whose poetry profile is online at www.PoetLawyerate.blogspot.com.

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