Original Harry Culver letter to be gifted during April 19 General Historical Society Meeting


This month, the Culver City Historical Society program takes guests on a trip from Latvia to Culver City, where they wille explore the family history of Stu Freeman, local businessman and past

president of the Culver City Historical Society.

Stu’s grandparents, Molly and Louis Freeman, opened Freeman’s Market in

downtown Culver City in the 1920s. They serviced many country clubs,

restaurants, the MGM Studios, and even Leo the Lion ate their products!

Later, they opened Freeman’s Furniture in the Hull Building, still owned

by the family and now home to Akasha Restaurant.

The Freeman Family has been an integral part of Culver City. Their history

will be presented through a PowerPoint presentation that will show the

many uses of the historic Hull Building over the years.

“While celebrating our Centennial, I congratulate the city that my family

has been a part of for 90 of its 100 years,” Stu says.

Prior to the program, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shapiro and Rabbi Zachary

Shapiro of Temple Akiba will officially gift the Historical Society an

original letter by Harry Culver to Hal Roach Studio about (what else?)

mail delivery.

Historical Society members and the general public are invited to enjoy

this free program in the Multipurpose Room in Veterans Memorial Building,

located at 4117 Overland Ave. The entrance to both the ARC and

Multipurpose Room is through the back of the building and open to the


About The Culver City Historical Society: Founded in 1979, the Culver City

Historical Society was created for the purpose of collecting, preserving

and exhibiting the history, cultural and civic accomplishments of Culver

City and its surrounding areas. General meeting programs are held

quarterly in the Multipurpose Room of Veterans Memorial Building, which

are open to our members and the general public. The Historical Society

Archives & Resource Center (ARC) is open the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every

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Original Harry Culver letter to be gifted during April 19 General Historical Society Meeting