Mick Rhodes to play hard at Cinema Bar

(Photo credit: Mark Maryanovich)

Mick Rhodes & the Hard Eights plays hard rock with a country/blues lean, the sort of music that goes down a treat at the Cinema Bar. The band has a new album out, III, and Rhodesa is promising some new tunes in Culver City. He spoke to the News about all of that and more… 

When did you start playing and performing? 

Individually in 1978, and with Mick Rhodes and the Hard Eight, in 2007.

Describe your sound/style?

We’re a rock ‘n’ roll band, with elements of country, pop, blues, and punk rock.

What are your career highlights so far?

Putting out three records, touring all over the southwest U.S., becoming regulars at Pappy and Harriet’s, playing to thousands at Toyota Arena, and this interview right here!

What recorded music is available — particularly the most recent?
Our latest, III, was released on August 1 on Hot Tramp Records. It’s available everywhere music is streamed and downloaded, and in CD form at our shows, including Saturday, September 2 at the Cinema Bar.

Have you performed at the Cinema Bar before?

Oh yes, many times. We always have a great time playing for Rod [Castillo, owner] and the regulars at the Cinema. I used to live a few blocks away so my memories are many. In fact, the inspiration for me to form MR8 was taken from the many sweaty nights I spent there listening to Randy Weeks and his amazing band back in the early 2000s. One not so great memory was doing our Westside record release party for our second record, Paradise City, at the Cinema in 2016. I’d booked two weeks of shows, with the Cinema date falling near the end, and a day after our Pappy and Harriet’s show. I lost my voice, tried to rally, but had to admit defeat after croaking my way through our opening song.

What can the audience expect from the set this time?

We’ll be playing several of the new tunes off III, and some newer, as of yet unrecorded material, and a smattering of stuff from our earlier records. We always slip in a few oddball covers as well.

What else do you have coming up?

We’re always busy around SoCal in the summertime. In the immediate future, we’ll be at the Back Abbey in Upland September 23 and Mother’s in Sunset Beach September 24. All our shows, as well as merch and other info, is at mickrhodes.com, with video and other miscellany on your YouTube channel, @mickrhodesandthehardeight287. 

Mick Rhodes & the Hard Eight performs at 9 p.m. on Saturday, September 2 at the Cinema Bar. Go to thecinemabar.com for more information about the show, and mickrhodes.com for more info about the artist.

Elsewhere this week

The Culver Hotel will be hosting the likes of Sylvia & the Rhythm Boys, and Scotty Bramer. Go to culverhotel.com for more info.

The next show at Boulevard Music is Jonathan Stout at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 9. Visit boulevardmusic.com for more info.