Measure K unfair to Culver City Homeowners


Culver City measure K is a regressive tax that subsidizes out of district families. For example, your neighbor who just bought a house for $2 Million, or a big developer with a project downtown will all pay the exact same amount of extra property tax if mesure K passes. A parcel tax is a regressive tax.  Its not tied to the value of the property being taxed.

By definition, all of the many out of district families who send students to CCUSD won’t be subjected to the additional property taxes brought on by Mesure K. Culver City residents paying the tax will be subsidizing these families who don’t live in Culver City.

At a time when State support is at the highest its ever been, when the District’s income from existing property taxes is increasing and after the last property tax increase for CCUSD facilities, the board continues to run deficits. Its time to demand responsible governance at CCUSD and vote no the School Board bail out measure.

David Bergman

Culver City

Measure K unfair to Culver City Homeowners