Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I’m responding to the letter to the editor from Jerry Brown of Culver City (Culver City News, June 16). As a veteran of Vietnam, I want Brown to know that I honor him for his service in Korea. As I gaze at the two Koreas today, I am so thankful to Brown and all of the other men and women who fought and died to save South Korea.

I am also very impressed with Brown’s “long-deferred study of science.” He is blessed with the ability to absorb the concepts. Let science lead him to the truth. I will pray for him to consider all possibilities and not be handicapped by ignoring the possibility of a designer. I will also pray that Brown learns humility as he works his way from hypothesis to theory, so he may be patient before declaring his truths of natural law.

As for me, I am a believing Christian, and I believe man has fallen far short of the glory of God. Brown sees me at my worst. In my defense, Mr. Brown, I will always listen to your science; will you ever consider a creator?

Gary Magnuson,

Culver City