Letter to the Editor


Re: 10700 Block of Franklin’s Parking Problems

Let’s try to understand Ms. Bunker’s concerns and request. She states, “Our block of 10700 Franklin, which has no parking restrictions, has become the parking lot for the Grace Lutheran Church, the schools and the neighborhood,” which is evidenced by “bumper to bumper parking,” the Church has requested that the permit- only-parking restrictions on Farragut to removed, and, if I were a “good neighbor,” I should stop fighting the Church’s request.

Why does Ms. Bunker attack Farragut’s residents for problems she says are caused by others? Farragut residents have exercised only our legal rights. Culver City’s Procedures and Regulation for Preferential Parking Districts allows Franklin residents to petition for the same protections. It takes much effort, and we have done it since 1981. Why should the Farragut residents give away our legal rights, because the Franklin residents failed to exercise their legal rights?

There is a much bigger issue of the City Council ignoring the Procedures while attempting to arbitrarily strip Farragut residents of our legal rights. The Traffic Engineer has repeatedly denied the Church’s requests. The Church has absolutely no right to appeal to the City Council. The City Council, which is evidently memory challenged, regrandfathered our rights in November 2013.

I decline Ms. Bunker’s invitation to “stop fighting this change.”

Les Greenberg


Letter to the Editor