Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor

It is with great interest I have read Mr. Greenberg’s letters concerning keeping the 10700 block of Farragut with no parking from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening. He is forgetting one thing. Our block of 10700 Franklin, which has no parking restrictions, has become the parking lot for the Grace Lutheran Church, the schools and the neighborhood. It is our understanding that the church is requesting to change from no parking on Farragut, except for residents, to two hour parking as it is on the 10800 blocks of Farragut and Franklin close to the schools. This seems fair and reasonable and would alleviate some of the bumper to bumper parking on our block. Please be a good neighbor Mr. Greenberg and stop fighting this change.

Thank you,

Kathleen Bunker


Phony Candidates and Slate Mailers

Vote for Stephen Murray for West Basin Municipal Water District.

I received a phony campaign slate mailer titled “SAVE PROPOSITION 13 NEWSLETTER” with Scott Houston’s name and photo in it. It’s not a newsletter at all, but a deceptive campaign slate mailer that has nothing to do with Proposition 13.

This is ironic. The current newsletter of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, founded by Proposition 13 sponsor Howard Jarvis, honors Mike Robbins as a “Hometown Hero” for leading the successful campaign against El Segundo Measure A and its eleven tax hikes last April, despite city unions contributing $17,500 to the “Yes on A” campaign. But Scott Houston supported Measure A! (See his 3/13/14 El Segundo Herald letter.) And Houston ran for Democratic Party Central Committee on 6/3/08 as a self-described progressive (extreme tax-andspend liberal).

A call to HJTA confirmed they do not endorse Scott Houston, and have no connection to nor control over that slate mailer. Houston paid to get his name and photo in it, as indicated by the asterisk next to his name.

I also received three other deceptive campaign slate mailers featuring progressive Democrat Scott Houston: “Republican Voter Guide”, “Continuing The Republican Revolution”, and the “WOMAN’S VOICE NEWSLETTER” (which is not a newsletter at all, and has nothing to do with women except that it is mailed to women).

Houston paid to appear in all of them, regardless of his party, politics, and ethics or lack thereof. I am sure similar deceptive “For Democrats” slate mailers are sent to Democrat voters, endorsing candidates regardless of their party, politics, and ethics, because they paid to appear in the mailers. Yet voters show up at the voting booth every election with these deceptive campaign slate mailers in hand. Please disregard all slate mailers unless you are sure you know and trust their source. Houston claims in his Sample Ballot title and statement his occupation is “Environmental Impact Manager.” He claimed his occupation was “Small Business Manager” when he ran for El Segundo City Council on 4/10/12 (see page 7 of the 4/10/12 Sample Ballot PDF file at http://www.elsegundo. org/civicax/filebank/blobdload. aspx?blobid=9539). Both are false. He is not a manager. He is a “Customer Service” employee at an envelope manufacturing and printing company (see http://www. vision-envelope.com/contact.htm).

All voters – Republicans, Democrats, and others – cannot trust Scott Houston to serve on the WBMWD Board where he can vote to irresponsibly raise our water rates and spend our money.

Marianne Fong El Segundo


Vote Against Scott Houston

Please vote against Scott Houston for West Basin Municipal Water District Board of Directors if you don’t want additional unnecessary water rate increases. All three candidates are “progressive” (ultra-liberal) Democrats. However, two-time City Council loser Houston is the absolute worst of the three. Vote for Stephen Murray instead. He is the best candidate.

If Houston got his way, El Segundo residents and businesses would have lost our local Fire Department, and would have suffered thirteen tax hikes.

Houston supported Measure P, the firefighter union’s initiative, which was defeated by 90 percent of El Segundo voters (4/10/12 election). It would have disbanded our local Fire Department and transferred our fire and paramedic services, and firefighters, to Los Angeles County for inferior services. It would have eliminated 31 percent of our on-duty firefighters, two of our three paramedic squads, and all three paramedic transport ambulances. Hospital transport times would have doubled. Houston lobbied the City Council to enact Measure P directly into law without allowing the voters to vote on it! (See the 2/15/11 meeting video excerpt at https://www.YouTube. com/user/PublicSafetyProject/.)

Houston supported thirteen tax hikes, including the eleven tax hikes in Measure A that voters overwhelmingly defeated (4/8/14 election; 3/13/14 El Segundo Herald letter). These tax hikes would have paid for excessive and unsustainable police and fire union pay and pension increases given as rewards for City Council campaign support. Measure A included new taxes on residents and nearly doubling existing taxes on businesses for water, gas, electricity, and all types of present and future technology “communication services” (including telephone, cell phone, cable TV, satellite, and Internet), plus a new parking tax and business license and hotel tax hikes.

Houston took endorsements and large campaign contributions from the police officers’ “association” (union). Police, firefighter, and other government unions support candidates and ballot measures that will give them the biggest pay and pension increases, and raise our taxes and fees to pay for it. That’s why El Segundo police and firefighters are paid $150,000 to more than $330,000 each in total annual compensation! (For proof, see http://PublicSafetyProject. org/.) Houston campaigns claiming qualifications and positions he does not possess. He is not an “Environmental Impact Manager” as he claims in the Sample Ballot. He is not a manager of any type. He does “Customer Service” at an envelope manufacturing and printing company.Houston wants to use WBMWD as a stepping stone to higher office to promote Big Government tax-and-spend policies. Houston is a government union puppet, not a representative of the people.

Michael D. Robbins

Former Councilman El Segundo