Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I have to agree with Cary Anderson’s May 12th letter regarding the lack of Culver City Police Department manpower to routinely enforce posted traffic regulations. Response times for requests to enforce my neighborhood permit parking zone have been averaging 50 minutes lately. My street is one of the major gateways to the Culver City Unified School District Quad-Campus, so I firmly believe in the saying, “No cop, no stop.” I see vehicle after vehicle speed down the street, ignoring the stop signs as they either hurry to or from the four schools (or five, including the adult school) or try to bypass congestion on the surrounding major streets.

The News had a picture of the traffic congestion in front of Culver City High School in a September 2009 edition. The only thing to change in all that time since is that I have seen fewer police officers. I admire the people in city government who came up with such concepts as neighborhood serving corridors, which would encourage business patronage from pedestrian traffic from the surrounding residents. If we can’t have that, then we should at least have the means to enforce the regulations that help mitigate the problems that vehicle traffic causes.

For the record, the inconveniences of using the parking structures in downtown Culver City have me avoiding the area like the plague.

John Heyl,

Culver City