LAX overflight gets extension on public comments


Largely due to the efforts of the City of Culver City, other communities surrounding Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and Congresswoman Karen Bass, the Federal

Aviation Administration, has given the public an extension of Oct. 8 to comment on the SoCal Metroplex OAPM (“OAPM”) project, and its Environmental Assessment (“EA”).

The OAPM is a redesign of the airspace over the Southern California region, and specifically over the communities around LAX, including Culver City.

Culver City is aware that its citizens are already suffering noticeable increases in over-flights at low altitudes and resulting noise impacts, and wants to find ways to remedy

the current situation and make certain that these impacts do not become permanent, City officials said.

To ensure this does not happen, Culver City has retained a number of technical experts and has already submitted extensive comments on issues ranging from ways to alleviate existing impacts of noise from aircraft over-flights at varying altitudes, to increasing air quality impacts from aircraft engine emissions.

The City will also submit additional comments by the Oct. 8 deadline.

In addition, the Culver City City Council has held a series of public meetings to hear citizens’ concerns and keep the community apprised of its activities, and those of the FAA. It has also held meetings with Congresswoman Karen Bass and project managers at the FAA itself.

The public is now being asked to join with Culver City by sending comments of their concerns about the impacts of current and future overflights directly to the FAA.

Comments may be sent by Email to 9-ANM-SoCalOAP; or mailing comments to “SoCal Metroplex EA, Federal Aviation Administration, Western Service Center – Operations Support Group, 1601 Lind Avenue SW, Renton, WA 98057,” with a copy to the Culver City City Clerk (, by October 8, 2015.

See Culver City’s updated webpage ( for more information on other things the public can do to help.


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