Kyran Daniel is super-talented, per se

(Photo by Ant Hellier)

Australian guitarist, songwriter and producer Kyran Daniel has performed with the likes of Grammy Nominee Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Franti, and Japanese guitarist Kotaro Oshio. His debut album Per Se is a favorite among aficionados of acoustic guitar, and he’s performing a solo set at Boulevard Music this weekend…

When did you start singing, writing and performing, and when did it start to get serious?

My role as a musician started quite young, as early as 12 years old performing in smokey blues bars, mentored by the older generation of musical purists who I’m thankful saw a talent and encouraged it. And I actually took the position seriously from the start; caring deeply about the technical and emotional depths of the craft, and absorbing as much knowledge and experience as I could. I was lucky enough to begin touring internationally when I was 15, right before I started working with Tommy Emmanuel.

How would you describe your sound…

My sound is moving more towards what I would describe as contemporary ‘world music’. It draws on the instrumental techniques of my mentors, and references other instrumental genres, most notably the neo-classical movement. But my life has become an expansive one of travel and awe-inspiring experiences. So my music has naturally taken on this quality of depicting vignettes from around the world; whether that be articulating a stormy evening in Venice, Italy, or dawn on Mt Haleakala on Maui, I try to take rich moments I’ve experienced and articulate them through my hands on the guitar.

What are your career highlights so far?

My work alongside Tommy Emmanuel has by far been the most significant and meaningful highlight so far. I was very fortunate that Tommy saw a talent in me early on, and I was given the position to be mentored by him whilst on tour opening his concerts throughout Europe and the USA. This led to another early highlight which was my attendance of Berklee College of Music, which in turn led to the development of my broader career as a songwriter & producer in the pop world, with credits on 5x ARIA Nominated works and an Australian #1 album. But I think the greatest satisfaction has come recently, enjoying the creativity of my pop work while simultaneously venturing back into my solo instrumental work, reconnecting with Tommy on stages around the world, and having deep well of life experiences to share with people directly in these concerts. That’s the one thing I feel particularly lucky to be able to do right now; fulfil the role of what I believe an artist truly is.

Do you have any recorded music available?

You can find my discography as a songwriter and producer on a variety of albums & singles by great artists in Australia and abroad, but there’s a short wait for the presentation of my solo work. I’ve been composing and recording it in my travels over the past two years, and it’s almost ready to share, so please look out for that announcement. I have a mailing list you can sign up to on my website to be notified of its progress.

Have you performed at Boulevard before? Any memories?

Yes, last year I performed two double-bills at Boulevard, once with Richard Smith, and the other with Jim Kimo-West, both incredible players, and part of a community of musicians keeping this art alive.

What can we expect from the set this time?

This time you can expect the result of Tommy kicking my ass to be a little less delicate with my arrangements, and deliver the more fiery version of my show. More drama, passion, technicality & flash, whilst still emotionally articulating the ever-unfolding story I’m living as a traveling artist.

What else do you have coming up?

This Boulevard Music show is the first of my 2024 USA Tour Part 1. After this performance I fly to Michigan, then PA, MA, and NY presenting the show to audiences I haven’t seen for over a decade. Then comes the finalization of the album, and more USA show announcements through the Summer.

Kyran Daniel performs at 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 16 at Boulevard Music. Go to for more information about the show. 

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