Jim Curry brings Denver to Culver City

(Photo by Valerie Nestrick)

Jim Curry is not your average tribute act. The man has been honoring the music of John Denver for years, and he was even a part of the show that inducted Denver into the Colorado  Music Hall of Fame. He’s bringing John Denver’s songs to Boulevard Music this week, and he spoke to the CCN about what the audience can expect…

When did you start playing and performing?

I began playing Guitar in the 6thgrade. I self-taught and never was very public about my playing or singing. I would take my guitar out on Boy Scout camping trips and sing around the campfire. It was after meeting Anne when I began to perform on the stage in our bluegrass group at folk music festivals. That was in the early 1990’s.

Describe your sound/style?

I grew up listening to Neal Diamond, Jim Croce, and John Denver and when people heard me sing they would make the comment that I sounded like John Denver. I think those artists that I listened to were great ballad singers. I love the great lyrics so I feel like that is where I fit in as well. I love when the music and song connect with people.

What are your career highlights so far…

Over the past 23 years I have been blessed with many amazing career milestones. Being a part of the big concert event inducting John Denver into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame with Olivia Newton John. Performing with many of the great famous artists that were part of John’s life like The Chad Mitchell Trio, The Kingston Trio, Michael Martin Murphey to name a few. The famous venues with audiences over 10,000 like Connor Prairie in Indianapolis, Pacific Amphitheater in California and Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

What recorded music is available?

I have a number of CDs available. One live album called Live In Lincoln. It was a concert fundraiser for Kids Against Hunger featuring John’s song he wrote about World Hunger called “I Want To Live”. The newest release is titled Such A Wild Place –that includes some original songs of mine as well as three songs written by John Denver that he never recorded. We have the first officially licensed recording of John’s last known song called Yellowstone: Coming Home.

Have you performed at Boulevard Music before?

I have performed at Boulevard about 4 times and I have seen other performers there as well. I like the intimate venues like this, up close and connected with the audience. I was there with my friend Pete Huttlinger, world famous fingerstyle guitarist that toured with John Denver, when he auditioned and got signed to Steve Vai’s label. That was an amazing performance by Pete and Steve Vai just sitting right there taking it all in at Boulevard.

What can we expect from the set this time?

I am looking forward to this concert because it’s our first time back at Boulevard since the covid shutdowns. I usually do a good mix of old and new tunes from John’s career but this time I will be doing a lot of the hits. They are like comfort food for your soul and I think that is important to feed that need.

What else do you have coming up?

Our next show is in Bartlesville Oklahoma with the Symphony Orchestra, then off to Texas and then Florida. We have gone back and forth across the country this past year 9 times. People need to get out and start living again. We are living proof that normal does exist all across the country. People just need to know that they too can participate in it.

Jim Curry Presents the Music of John Denver at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 14 at Boulevard Music. Go to boulevardmusic.com for more information on the show, and jimcurrymusic.com for more info on the artist.

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