Homelessness Services: Continuing Partnerships with Upward Bound House and St. Joseph Center


The City of Culver City is continuing its partnership with St. Joseph’s Center and Upward Bound House Family Shelter, broadening supportive services and linkages to bridge (transitional) and permanent housing.

St. Joseph Center will expand its outreach to homeless individuals to evenings and Saturdays. St. Joseph’s Center connects homeless individuals with housing, medical care, and supportive services.

Upward Bound House will continue collaborating with Culver City Unified School District to link homeless children in Culver City schools to housing and supportive services.

“Homelessness across our country and in our city is one of the most pressing challenges of our time,” said Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells. “I am grateful to our compassionate and civically-engaged community for working with the City to find long term solutions that connect homeless children and adults with the services they need to succeed, while improving the overall quality of life for all Culver City residents, housed and unhoused. Expanding our partnerships with Upward Bound House and St. Joseph means tapping individuals with trauma-informed care training, harm reduction policies and cultural competency to accomplish both of these goals.”

The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count of January 2019 estimated 236 homeless individuals in Culver City, including 43 sheltered homeless children and their families at Upward Bound House. The numbers for the 2020 Homeless Count, which was conducted on Wednesday, Jan. 22, will be released by the Los Angeles Homelessness Service Authority at a later date. For more information on these numbers, visit lahsa.org.

As the City continues to implement the updated Homeless Plan (approved by the City Council in July 2018), it will pursue programming for affordable housing and homelessness services.

If you are a Culver City resident or business owner and know of homeless individuals or families who may benefit from services, please call the Culver City Homelessness Information Line at 310-253-6767 to share details with the City staff. Visit the City’s webpage on homelessness to learn more about how the City is addressing homelessness and the various Homeless Services available.