Hilarious ‘Dixie’s Tupperware Party’ arrives in town

BEWARE OF TUPPERWARE—Dixie Longate offers female empowerment lessons and tons of laughs at her Tupperware Party. Photo Credit: Bradford Rogne



For those of us around in the days before the internet took over the shopping world, we can certainly remember the glorious gatherings we attended which were hosted by family or friends to sell the hard plastic and practically indestructible storage items forever known as Tupperware. Perhaps, like me, you remember how much fun it was to make popsicles out of whatever liquid you wanted by using the Tupperware Popsicle Maker.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, or those who want to go back to those fun days when (mostly) women would gather in each other’s homes, chit chat over coffee (or something a bit stronger) while discussing the many uses of Tupperware rather than look for it alone while online in a dark room, rush over to the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City to be a part of DIXIE’S TUPPERWARE PARTY, the hilarious off-Broadway one-woman comedy written by Kris Andersson, starring Dixie Longate, which took the theater world by storm and garnered a prestigious Drama Desk Award nomination.

I guarantee you will be laughing from start to finish, and perhaps even more since Dixie greets her party guests in the lobby beforehand and sells Tupperware there following most performances.

Dixie Longate is the fast-talking, gum-chewing, ginger-haired Alabama gal who is bringing your grandma’s Tupperware party into the 21st century as she demonstrates the many alternative uses for the iconic plastic kitchen staple.  Filled with outrageously funny and often bawdy tales, heartfelt accounts about her time in jail and how selling Tupperware saved her afterward, Dixie includes audience participation and a little bit of empowerment and homespun wisdom, resulting in her party leaving your heart a little bigger and your food a little fresher.

In fact, did you know the average family not using Tupperware throws out $400 worth of vegetables each year by not storing them properly?

Grab one of Dixie’s special elixirs in a Tupperware sippy cup or tumbler from the lobby bar and then don a name tag provided at a table close by before the show as many audience members, especially four very lucky ones selected to sit on the stage during the party, are often called upon to answer questions and share their thoughts about life and, of course, personal stories about Tupperware memories from your own childhood.

I shared how I remember helping set up parties my Mom and Aunt often held since the hostess(es) always received a gift of free Tupperware, based on the number of items sold at their party. And you might even win one of the Tupperware raffle prizes if Dixie pulls your nametag number out of a Tupperware container during the show, giving you a chance to go up onstage and be an even bigger contributor to the fun! And be ready to sing-along to Dixie’s theme song, “I’ve Got That Tupper Feeling All Over Me.” when the words are displayed on the giant screen above the set.

With Dixie reacting her way through each show with her seemingly effortless sass and style, no two performances will ever be the same – other than her speech getting more slurred as time passes thanks to her 16 oz Tupperware tumbler, item No. 469, getting emptied and re-filled with her own brand of “happy” juice.

“And look how safe the cup is,” she quips. “It won’t leak since the little hole on top seals up when you take the straw out, just like…” a certain part of a woman’s most private anatomy. So please remember this show contains adult content and language and is more appropriate for children ages 16 and up.

And remember, Tupperware products are guaranteed for life, so Dixie promises to replace any items bought from her for as long as you own them!  “And these bowls,” she shares, “helped put my three kids through school so keep buying them!” Learn more about the products at www.tupperware.com

Produced by Down South LLC and directed by Patrick Richwood, DIXIE’S TUPPERWARE PARTY features costumes designed by Miss Longate and lighting designed by Richard Winkler, offering you approximately two hours of unprecedented, uninterrupted laughter and fun through Dec. 30 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, 9820 Washington Blvd., Culver City, as part of the 11th season of the national tour. Nightly performances except for dark Monday and Tuesday, with weekend matinees. Tickets start at $35, available by calling 213-628-2772 or online at www.dixiestupperwareparty.com. There is three-hour FREE covered parking at Culver City City Hall (enter on Duquesne) with validation available in the Douglas lobby.







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