Culver City expands ban on single-use plastics

The city of Culver City has introduced a new phase of waste reduction regulations as of January 1. According to a statement from the city, all food or beverages served for consumption on the premises of applicable dine-in facilities are to only be served on or in food service ware that is reusable.

Provided examples of food service ware include cups, trays, bowls clamshells, utensils, straws and lids.

“The second phase of the waste reduction regulations and original polystyrene ban are still in effect,” reads a release from the city. “The second phase prohibits the use of non-compostable food service ware for takeout and delivery. The original polystyrene ban, prohibits the sale of solid and foam polystyrene food ware, including coolers that are not encased in another material. Additionally, food establishments are required to ask their customers whether they wanted cutlery included with their takeout order.”

The aim of the regulations, transitioning to reusable food ware, non-plastic, and compostable food ware is to further mitigate the environmental impacts of certain single-use plastics.

For more information and to learn about polystyrene alternatives, please visit Culver City’s Webpage on Single Use Plastics.