City takes steps to preserve water


In light of the current drought situation in the State of California, the City of Culver City is taking steps to reduce water used at city facilities and parks as well as to encourage water conservation in the community at large.

During this past year, the Public Works Department has conducted a variety of Water Wise Gardening Workshops and continues to promote water saving tips throughout the community. As part of the promotion of water conservation, the City of Culver City updated its water conservation ordinance on December 9, 2009.

The ordinance includes the following permanent restrictions: no watering between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (except by hand); watering is limited to 15 minutes/day (except for high- efficiency systems); no excessive water flow or runoff (for example, no sprinklers that spray onto the street or result in significant water flow into the street gutter); no washing down hard or paved surfaces (except for safety and sanitary purposes using low-water use methods like low-flow water brooms); no washing of vehicles except with a bucket, shut off nozzle, or at a car wash; leaks must be fixed within seven days; car washes and fountains must use re-circulating water; restaurants must use water conserving nozzles and only offer water upon request; hotels must allow patrons to reject daily linen and towel laundering; and no installation of single pass cooling systems or non-recirculating commercial laundry systems.

For more information about the ordinance, water saving tips and resources for rebates, education and more, persons interested can visit:

City takes steps to preserve water