Christopher Patrick King files for Culver City Council race


Surrounded by supporters, Christopher Patrick King, “CPK,” filed his candidacy papers with the Culver City, City Clerk’s office this past Monday afternoon.

“I didn’t think I could be any more excited than I was a few months ago when we did our initial launch party, but I am even more excited today,” King said when he addressed the media.

King expressed his appreciation for the encouragement he has received throughout the community in his quest to be a Culver City Councilmember.  Present at the filing was a diverse group including long-time residents, local activists and former Mayor and Boy Scout Troop Leader, Richard Marcus.

King currently serves as President of the Culver City Rotary Club, he is a Board Member of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, acts as Vice Chair of the Culver City Homelessness Committee, and is a Board Member and CFO of Shoes for the Homeless, Inc., a local Culver City non-profit organization founded by Lindberg Park resident, Dr. Ira Diamond.

In addition, King volunteers much of his time to Beit T’Shuvah, a recovery program and congregation that helps recovering addicts.  He finds great personal satisfaction in helping make people’s lives better. Through his broad community activism King dedicates much of his time making a difference in many lives.

By serving on the city council King will be fulfilling a life-long passion for public service and wants to “make Culver City an even better place.”

The youngest candidate on the ballot at 31, King hopes to bring a new energy and vision to the city.  To accomplish this goal he will start with a comprehensive community and economic development plan.  He calls this plan CulverVision 2020 and it involves redoing the city’s master plan by including residents, community groups and businesses.

The plan would develop specific and measurable goals to be achieved by the year 2020.  King would also form a neighborhood advisory panel in which our many neighborhood organizations, service clubs, parent groups, and volunteer associations would convene to identify citywide priorities.

As a property owner and local business owner in the mortgage industry in Culver City, King understands the need for housing opportunities given Culver City’s lack of housing stock.  Resources exist for change, and he has been working on partnerships among developers, government and community members to accomplish this change.

King would like to invite the community to his first fundraiser, a rock concert fundraiser. Think Progressively, Rock Locally will be hosted on Jan. 25 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Bar 9 Collective at 3515 Helms Ave. in Culver City. Along with three local rock bands there will be great fun with friends.  The suggested donation is $20 at the door.  For more information persons interested can vist the Facebook Event Page at Think Progressively, Rock Locally Concert.

King looks forward to meeting and speaking with residents during the campaign and can be emailed at, followed on Facebook at Christopher Patrick King, Tweeted @CPK4CC, and viewed on his website,