CCPD in machete stand-off

(Tex Texin)

Over the weekend, the Culver City Department issued a statement detailing a stand-off with a man armed with a machete.

The incident occurred at the 11000 Block of Ocean Avenue, when officers along with the Culver City Fire Department, responded to reports of an odor of smoke from the backyard of a residence that was under construction.

“Officers arrived on scene and made entry into the backyard and located a subject armed with a machete who refused to drop it although the officers communicated with him in both English and Spanish,” reads the statement, posted to social media. “There was a small fire at one portion of the yard and a cut a power line from a power pole which fell in the swimming pool, causing sparks and smoke.”

According to the CCPD, officers tried to de-escalate the situation using Crisis Negotiation Tactics, but the subject refused to drop the weapon.

“A short time later, the officers re-engaged with Crisis Negotiation Tactics and were able to convince him to put the machete down and exit the yard where he was taken into custody without further incident,” they said. “CCFD personnel checked on the subject who was not injured and entered the rear yard and made the live wire safe.”

The male subject was booked at CCPD for arson, trespassing, being under the influence of methamphetamines, and damaging electrical power lines.