A campaign against Robert Zirgulis?

There’s a whispering campaign going on in the Culver City Council election!

“Don’t vote for Zirgulis because he is a racist for supporting the police,” coming from the leftist political machine.

“A vote for Zirgulis is a vote for McMorrin because he will split the vote for the police,” says a faction of the ‘elite old boys network’ political machine.

Those attacks don’t bother me.  However, I am concerned how much money is coming in from everywhere where I see public campaign statements of spending upwards of $39,000-$50,000 for some of the candidates.

I’m running a grass roots campaign, canvassing and going door to door in my support for our police and firefighters with limited funds. It’s hard to compete against the $50,000 being spent by the Culver City Police Officers’ Association for their three candidates. I was under the impression that all the Police Officers in Culver City voted for the endorsements on the CCPOA’s slate. That is what many people thought, and made the decision to support the slate. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

I recently talked to 5 Culver City Police Officers and was surprised to hear from them that they had no say and could not vote for endorsement of Culver City Council candidates. The Culver City Police Officers Association management and a consultant made the decision to spend thousands of dollars promoting their favored candidates.  

In addition, I discovered that all Culver City Police officers each had to “contribute” $475 for the election campaign! (look at e-filing statement of CCPOA) So in essence, a few management people have been the ones making the endorsements, not the rank and file police officer!

I believe the rank and file Culver City Police support me because I am the only candidate actually going door to door to canvas for supporting our police and firefighters. I am the only candidate standing up to the Cancel Culture mob that is defaming our police and wanting to defund them by 50%.

Police officers often wave at me and give me the thumbs up when they see me. I have been told that my flyers are up in their break room.

I urge you to approach our Culver City police and thank them for their service and ask them personally who they support for Culver City Council. You may be surprised.     

— Robert Zirgulis, Candidate for City Council



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