Lighten up on Pete


I have some advice for the people who recently wrote letters bashing Pete Whalon’s column (Letting Off Steam)—lighten up and don’t take yourselves too seriously! Also, if you don’t like the content, DON’T READ his column! Many of us do enjoy his writings. It makes us laugh.

Another helpful hint for them: look up the words, satire, parody, spoof, tongue-in-cheek and lampooning. His columns are usually designed to poke fun at people and make them laugh. If you read them every week you would probably understand his style is not designed to be taken literally or as serious, hard hitting commentary.

And please, just because you don’t approve of someone’s free speech, don’t attempt to get it banned for all. I do hope the people at the Culver City News realize that a letter to the editor, including mine, certainly does not speak for everyone! Keep letting off Steam!


— June Fischer

Culver City


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