‘Why I left the CC Democrats’


I have been a registered Democrat since 1972 and I have shared the idealistic values of John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately the Democratic party seems to have been hijacked by members of the ‘looney left’ that want to destroy our country.

In particular, Culver City has been controlled by a left wing political machine that doesn’t reflect the values of true Culver City Kennedy Democrats.

The Culver City Democratic Club for instance has approximately 120 members who in my view are mainly “progressives”, leftists, Marxists and a few closet Stalinists. This group has a disproportionate influence on local elections for City Council and School Board.

The Culver City Democratic Club selects leftist candidates for these local elections and sends out massive endorsement mailers to all the registered democrats in Culver City.

Now most Culver City democrats can’t even identify who their Councilman or School Board member is. As a consequence, these democratic voters are acting like sheep and voting the democratic slate made by the Culver City Democrats without any idea that they are voting against their own interests.

For example, all the city council persons selected by the Culver City Democrats want to defund our Culver City police department by as much as 50%! The current three council candidates endorsed by the Culver City Democrat Club also favors defunding our Culver City Police Department by 50%.

This is an insane proposition considering our Culver City Police Department saved our city millions of dollars by proactively stopping looters and rioters that ravaged Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. Our police deserve a bonus not a slap in the face from ungrateful council members!

I want to break the disproportionate hold and influence the Culver City Democratic Club has over our city. I therefore have organizied an opposing club called ‘Culver City Kennedy Democrats.’ www.culvercitykennedydemocrats.com.

I hope to have more members than the current Culver City Democrats Club, as I campaign for Culver City Council.

I invite you all to join at zirgulisr@yahoo.com; 310-486-7408.

— Robert Zirgulis

‘Why I left the CC Democrats’