What does Martin Luther King Jr. Day mean to you?

Echo Horizon School challenges the children with academics, technology and the arts, but they’re just as cognizant of challenging them to be good citizens.

With their Points of Pride: caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness, the teachers create an environment where no one is ostracized, where all are supported and where young people learn to be kind to each other and non-judgmental.

The school’s character education curriculum is part of the daily learning at every grade level.

Recently, the kindergarteners learned that the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday is not just a day off from school, but a day to focus on hopes and dreams for the world.

The children watched Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and wrote about their own dreams.

Even at this young age, there is a heartwarming awareness for others’ well-being. “I dream that everybody should have friends,” “I dream that all people can have a job,” “I have a dream that no one will be homeless,” and “I dream that all children have toys,” were just a few of the dreams shared by the children.