Twanguero is Playing for Change at Boulevard

(Photo by Carlos Maidana)

The Spanish King of Twang, Twanguero, has been described in the press as a “fire-breathing guitar hero.” He plays a blend of blues, folk, flamenco, country, and Latin jazz, and he’s performing at Boulevard Music on Saturday. The man born Diego García told the News about what he has in store for Culver City…

When did you start playing and performing? 

I started playing the guitar when I was six. I knew quite fast that it was my calling. Luckily enough my parents supported me in my path, but they always insisted on me having to work hard. A little bit like, “You want to play the guitar for a living, you better do it as best as you can.” As a teenager, I started to write my own pieces of music. I had my first live performance at 14, and my first European tour at age 16. In my 20’s, I started playing with renown bands in Spain, and after successful tours with them I decided to create my own project, Twanguero.

Describe your sound…

Hard to fit the whole concept of my music in a paragraph. I would always encourage people to listen to it rather than read about it (laughs). Solo, with my Spanish guitar, I play a blend of blues, folk, flamenco, country, and Latin jazz. Joined by the band, it becomes more electric, with touches of rockabilly, cumbia, surf music and my Latin Twang “signature” sound. This series of concerts that we just started illustrate this eclectic fusion perfectly and we are happy to bring old and new music to Boulevard Music and the Culver City community.  

What are your career highlights so far?

Moving to L.A., winning a Latin Grammy in 2013, and working with Playing For Change.

What recorded music is available — particularly the most recent?
My music is available on almost all platforms, Spotify, YouTube, my latest release: La Cumbia sin nombre.

Have you performed at Boulevard Music before? Any memories? 

It’s not my first time there. I came a couple of times before the pandemic. I last performed there in December 2022 in solo. I have good memories of a warm and welcoming audience. I’m honored and excited to come back and perform with the band this time. Even more now that I live here in the neighborhood.

What can the audience expect from the set this time?

The performance will be a mix of my current electric repertoire, from the Pachuco and Electric Sunset albums along with new music. A sneak peek of the new album coming out later this year. With my current band, I’ve managed the perfect balance and blend of Latino rhythms with more “rocky” North American vibes. The bass player and percussionist are from Mexico and the drummer is from the US.

What else do you have coming up?

A new album in September. I’m working on other musical projects as well from my studio right now. We will have tours here in the US, in Mexico and Spain in 2024. I’m also planning to release a guitar course (in Spanish) and to start creating more instructional content. Exciting times to come, you can follow my social media platforms for the latest updates. Always happy to share my guitar and music world with fans!  

Twanguero performs at 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 30 at Boulevard Music. Go to for more information about the show. 

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