Try something new at No Worries Curry

(Photo by Brett Callwood)

It can sometimes feel like it’s unreasonably difficult to get good Indian food, not only in Culver City but in the greater Los Angeles area. You can’t move for impressive sushi and Mexican joints, ramen and Thai. But really, really good Indian food is much harder to come by.

That said, dig a little and there are a few. No Worries Curry is a little different to most; there are fusion elements, experimental twists, that make this place a ton of fun. Just, you know, don’t worry. Just eat.

“No Worries…Curry! Is a cooking show,” they say on their website. “Mo and Marina Lang are a mother-daughter tag team of fun-filled kitchen laughs who love to cook and spend their days chasing their dreams! They are the stars of the hit Amazon Prime Video show, No Worries… Curry! now available on YouTube and they can’t wait to open their kitchen to you and your family. The show is now a restaurant too where you can order their delicious, gourmet and healthy Indian meals for lunch and dinner.”

The thing that you really need to understand before diving in is that this isn’t a traditional Indian restaurant. A glance at the menu reveals that fusion really is the focus here. Ever eaten an Indian dish poured over spaghetti? Ever even been curious about that concept? No worries! This is the place for you.

We opted for the Chicken Tikka Masala with Waffle Fries. In the UK, eating curry with “chips” is standard fare, especially after a night out and a few drinks. It’s less common on this side of the Atlantic, so it was fun to see a variation as a menu item.

It’s delicious too. Using waffle fries rather than standard French Fries proves to be inspired, whether it’s by accident or not. The holes on the potatoes trap the sauce, so each bite offers the perfect combination of waffle fries and Indian spices.

The tikka masala is wonderful too. Perfectly spiced, it’s got a lovely bite without blowing your head off. Rather, it’s full of flavor that dances around your tongue. Tangy, vibrant and delightful, it’s a dish that you could happily eat without the fries.

The chicken is moist and fresh too, and the natural flavors of the meat aren’t overpowered by the rich sauce.

Ultimately, this is a place to put preconceptions about Indian food aside and dive into stranger waters.

No Worries Curry is located at 9626 Venice Blvd., Culver City 90232. Contact 310-868-2423 and visit