Transition From Pisces to Aquarius

Sun entered Aquarius, sign of hopes, wishes and dreams on Tuesday.

Wednesday, Inauguration Day. Every four years January 20th establishes the new president. Inauguration Day this year is different than any previous year. We are in a state of transition, from one age to the next age, from Pisces to the Aquarian Age. Transition times are periods of great confusion, struggle and challenges.

Transitioning from one age (2,500 years long) to the next age (2,500 years ahead), is a strenuous journey. New hopes, dreams and wishes emerge as the new age begins; new Laws and Principles too. We must carry forth the dreams of those who came before us. We too, have dreams – of freedom, of life, of livingness, purity, sustenance, equality, love, comfort and care – for everyone.

Aquarius  helps us bring these dreams forth, anchoring (Ray 7)  them in the world. As we respond to the new era’s call, our hearts become magnetic. We become magicians. White Magicians are Disciples working under the Plan and Purpose of the Lord of Creation. The task of Disciples at this time.

“Let the (white) magician stand upon the mountain top.  Beneath, in the valleys, the plains, water, streams and clouds are seen.  Above is the blue of heaven, the radiance of the rising Sun, the pureness of mountain air.  Each sound is clear.  The silence speaks with sound.”

“Let the (white) magician stand within the Sun, looking from thence upon the circle of Earth.  From that high point of peace serene let the disciple sound forth the words that create the forms, build worlds and universes. Let the disciple part the clouds which circle Earth and dispel the veils which hide the truth from the eye of the beholder. Such is white magician’s (disciple’s) work.” (Treatise on White Magic, p. 617) Our work today & everyday now. From crisis to polarization to sweeping upward to the light of the new era.

ARIES: You are working toward a goal (or many), seeking accomplishment. Power holds you in focus. You are your own leader and authority. You are ambitious. You initiate what is needed, what’s new in the world. You are the fire of creation. Your heart is in your work. You enjoy recognition and success. Always have pride in your work. Pause a while. See where you’ve come from and where you’re going. Help others along the way. Lift them up.

TAURUS: Your life endeavor is to understand the world. Looking ahead, over the horizon, you’re able to see the future and so you prepare, allowing no hindrances to limit your way. You’re proud of your abilities, your constancy, strategy and tolerance. You’re curious and want others to be curious, too. Alas, many aren’t. You’ve acquired vast knowledge, more degrees than most. Now you hide away, under cover, in order to quietly help others. We see you, though.

GEMINI: And so, now you realize you must go further, wider, deeper into the mysteries. You must finally accept that where you are may not be where you can remain. You long to be somewhere else; a place that reflects your deep spiritual values. As you attune more to your heart, you realize a change is needed for your spiritual growth to continue. The Path of discipleship is not easy. Come, join us. Pack lightly.

CANCER: You attempt to nurture and nourish relationships, hiding any disharmonious factors from the world. Sensitive to having peaceful relations, when rejection’s in the air you scuttle beneath your shell protecting yourself and your brood. It’s important to not protect others when their behavior has been harmful. It’s most important to seek out the truth and only the truth. Not just one side. Otherwise you become separate. And loneliness follows.

LEO: There are so many daily responsibilities that, at times, you may feel overwhelmed with responsibility, too many tasks and not enough time. You tend to serve everyone but yourself (which must come first) at times. Like Cancer, you’re very sensitive, especially to criticism. Therefore, be not critical…ever. Soon the hard work, responsibilities, the seeking of perfection will ease. You’ll meet crisis with determination and clear vision. Continue cultivating your gifts. They will be summoned soon.

VIRGO: Things we need to acknowledge for Virgo. You are principled, unique and ethical. You’re dramatic and express yourself creatively. Your fun-loving side emerges…sometimes. When is that, again? You’re at times adventurous, risk-taking. Often you pull back for contemplation and solitude. You need to combine new and old-world techniques. Children are most important. At times you’re the child with an inner restlessness. You find your way into the garden.

LIBRA: There’s so much pride in what you’ve created…a self-identity, profession, social network, a safe and private life. You protect yourself while building secure foundations, creating your own family and cultivating a new heritage. Relationships, most important, teach you how to love, share, give, take and cooperate. One thought in all this –  don’t deny or reject your past. It contains all the good that you are, the “jewel in the lotus.”

SCORPIO: Privacy is your keyword, template, guide, amulet, talisman and good luck charm. Privacy shelters and provides refuge (like the Buddha), becomes your sangha (community). You protect your home, family, possessions, and your personal life. Even your heritage is somewhat private. Privacy allows you to build a safe foundation from which you emerge into the world. But just for a while. We see you sometimes. Then you’re gone again.

SAGITTARIUS: You need change. You feel a restlessness along with the need for stabilization. You’re proud of your gifts – intelligence, agility, friends (acquaintances?), adaptation, strength, fluent communication, knowledge, curiosity, aware of future trends, everyone knowing you while you remain unknowable. Talents and gifts equal tasks and responsibility. What and whom do you advocate for? Especially when you’re in the spotlight and deeply valued. You share the world with everyone.

CAPRICORN: There’s an image, a “presence” you present to others. It makes an impression. Some embrace you for this, others reject. The rejection surprises you because you’re at your best when in the world, tending, serving, casting light upon shadows. Some people are those shadows. When you’re nearby they must hide, turn against you. Allow them. Bless them. That is the only way they can survive. They will change. Your character is a great strength for others. You stand on the mountaintop in the morning Sun.

AQUARIUS: There’s a need for introspection and seclusion for a time. Because you must gather strength, depth and potency, directing energies inward. Yet you must also be in the world tending to daily and worldly tasks. You often feel alone in a crowd, set apart from others. Yes, Aquarians are different, from elsewhere. They hear a different drum beat, often follow the diverging path. You are not quite comfortable at this time. You’re seeking the feeling of home. And the “other”. Soon.

PISCES: Your tolerance and openness, humanitarianism, sense of equality with everyone, lack of bias and prejudice, and having no sense of social status whatsoever, create the magnetic appeal surrounding your heart. Sometimes you must separate from people. Even as you adapt easily, you do not easily enter into close relationships except for one or two others. You’re here, but not really, quite here. A silver cord keeps you grounded. For a while. Not too long. The family doesn’t understand you. A group does.