To Clinton supporters: Stay United

I was one of the thousands of dedicated volunteers who worked on the Clinton Campaign at the Culver Studios.  Once again the city of Culver City and the Culver Studios have done us proud and deserve our gratitude for making the large Culver City Studios facility, as well as the downtown stores, restaurants, parking and services available for our mission.

We now have a new mission, and it is one that will challenge all thinking and caring Americans throughout this great nation.  Just as we Clinton volunteers worked hard to get Hillary Clinton’s message out to voters throughout our country, we now must carefully monitor the activities and potential threats posed by Trump.  And just as we volunteers did not rest until the last polling place closed on Tuesday Nov. 8, we cannot and dare not rest until the needs of every American is being properly addressed in Washington, D.C.

This is not a time of hopelessness.  It is a time of daily positive and respectful action.

Deborah Weinrauch

Culver City