Timetable for the path of return


The new year of 2012 has begun. We are at its beginning. Before the retrogrades (through August) begin, we have a few preparatory thoughts to ponder. There will be much apocalyptic rhetoric in the coming year. I suggest we ignore it, turning instead toward a more positive, self-creative state of mind. It’s most important for the next three months, for humanity to ponder new potentialities leading to new probabilities leading to new outcomes concerning how we live. Prevailing realities on our planet at present are held within a paradigm (and acceptance) of unsustainability and destruction. It’s time now for humanity to step upon the path of return. This choice will be given with more clarity as 2012 unfolds.

Sunday is the Capricorn solar festival, first full moon of 2012 (of Cancer). What is within the womb of humanity seeking externalization that will create the new world’s Sharing society? Capricorn is the “gate where matter (humanity) returns to spirit.” Mercury, the Sun’s messenger, entering Capricorn Sunday morning informs us, “The time of return has come.”

The NGWS, standing in the Initiatic Light Supernal of Capricorn, are turning toward suffering humanity to help with humanity’s return to spirit. Simultaneously, we must begin together to create heaven on earth. We must review our values, form community, build anew (biologic architecture) and restore the plan on Earth. Here is a template for this work: simondale.net/house/why.net.


ARIES: Your work in the world will be overshadowed by promptings and impressions from above, asking you to initiate new ideas and new possibilities, creating new probabilities, creating new outcomes not reflecting the past. You will have to meet important people and become one yourself. You will have to act with humility while attaining goals. Develop what is necessary to solidify this task. Only you can do this.

TAURUS: It’s important to contact people far way concerning future plans, actions, agendas and matters of a legal nature. The outer aspects of these interactions hide a deep spiritual purpose. With strength and calmness, speak the truth of your aims and purposes, listen carefully to the other(s). There’s a seed of enlightenment in their words. Be not afraid to ask for all that is needed. Read Matthew 7:7.

GEMINI: You hold within yourself secret talents. Whether you know of them or not isn’t important. They need to be called forth by you with intention. You can ask that they emerge and you recognize them. Do not be secretive about resources. However, you must protect them. Pay all debts on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You and another may need to travel somewhere to discover information. Where would that be?

CANCER: There’s a spiritual task you’re being asked to provide from Jupiter, the planet central to the Aquarian Age, distributing love/wisdom, Ray 2. You are to provide more love to your groups and to the communities you interact with. You are to be wise and distribute truth with pure reason and wisdom to those around you – not gossip, not opinion, not another’s point of view, but the truth within your heart. This will safeguard you.

LEO: In the deep reaches of work and responsibilities are you the communicator to co-workers and colleagues? Leo is the sign with love in the heart. But sometimes that love is obscured by hurts, sadness and imperfect interactions in relationships (all relationships are). Sometimes, we turn away from people, lavishing our love on pets, gardens, climbing rocks and fashioning new creations. It might be good to think of all the people you’ve known. Lovingly they say to you, “Hello, my friend, hello.”

VIRGO: It’s a special time (with Leo overshadowing daily life) for you to think upon what avocations you want to pursue, what talents, gifts and skills you possess and to think back on how you’ve cared loved ones and what you want to do for others in terms of serving them. I see you in a garden, vines of Mandeville, pale roses and hops climbing a tall gate. Create this for the summer.

LIBRA: You’re thinking about family and friends, love and relationships and what you need. Friends are sometimes Libra’s family. You’re attempting to deepen contacts in order to have an intact family and greater sense of foundation. It may bring up childhood wounds (as it should). We cannot heal or understand until wounds surface. You have the strength to face this, the wisdom to understand it and the love, latent and in potential, to heal. In emotional crisis, take Ignatia Amara.

SCORPIO: You need to enter into more interchanges with those intelligent and as passionate as you. You need these interchanges of ideas and beliefs so you can grow and expand with new values and experiment with new plans for the future. A new foundation of thought needs to deepen your mind to meet the challenges of the new physical/new scientists. Stay focused with purposeful intent. Study all the information on the “Thrive” DVD. Plan on joining the movement.

SAGITTARIUS: In observing how your sense of identity has expanded, look to your values. Compare today’s with your values 14, then 21 years ago. You’ll realize you’ve deepened into greater responsibility and climbed to a level of success. You now ask, “What’s next?” Some Sags wonder if they care anymore. Both are real developmental levels. To the first Sag, “Stand in the light” for your journey has been long and arduous. To the second Sag, you’re stepping into the unknown. Remain there.

CAPRICORN: You communicate these days with great depth of feeling. Don’t worry if people step back. Your life-force is showing through, filled with the fire of intention and conviction. It’s as if God were speaking. Do you know Capricorn’s glyph is almost the signature of God? You’ll be asked to organize things, to show leadership and drive, to impress (give to) others with ideas that become ideals within them. You do this already; yes, but now more so. Avoid those who resist.

AQUARIUS: You’re going to enter into an internal state for a while, interacting and investigating things deep within; things confidential, worrisome, religious and  personal. Do not feel caught up in limitations revealing themselves. They only mean you’re working toward overcoming. Place yourself first in the coming days so that you can protect yourself and maintain good to vibrant health. Someone far away calls to you. Respond.

PISCES: Be careful telling people about future hopes, wishes and dreams. They will not be understood. Be careful with your time each day. Plan early what your actions will be. Outline a time schedule. Use discipline – the first step toward working under the will of God. Jupiter is influencing ideas and communication. Speak softly, vibrantly and always with love (another discipline). It will soothe disappointments and stabilize all endeavors.



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Timetable for the path of return