Time to shake it out


            The city of Culver City is joining in what is now the world’s largest earthquake preparedness drill today, with official registration now topping 8 million people.

            In Los Angeles COunty, a record 2.9 million people are registered to participate in this year’s ShakeOut earthquake drill. Radio and TV stations around the state will air a “Drop, Cover and Hold on” drill broadcast at 10:20 a.m. Statewide, many schools, hospitals and first-responder organizations are planning more elaborate preparedness drills. Individuals and families in their homes are urged to use this opportunity to create or review their plans.

            In addition, the city of Culver City is asking its residents and business community to participate in the city’s annual community-wide drill at 7 p.m., when it’s time to “drop, cover and hold on.” Activate a family disaster plan by ensuring that everyone is “OK” and then place an “OK” sign, delivered this past week by the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), volunteers or create a homemade one) in a window or area visible from the public right-of-way.

            Members of the CERT team will then canvass the city and count the signs. The drill gives first-responders an opportunity to practice their disaster drills and emergency operations.

            “Earthquakes strike at any time with no warning,” said Christine Parra, emergency preparedness coordinator for the city. “Knowing how to protect ourselves means being trained to immediately and instinctively ‘drop, cover and hold on.’ It also means having enough food and water to last for at least three days when public services are disabled. I urge every business, school, organization and individual to participate, and be prepared so you can be the next survival story.”

            For more information on the Great California ShakeOut, visit ShakeOut.org or visit the city’s website to download information on the Community-Wide Disaster Drill at culvercity.org/emergencyprep.

Time to shake it out