Subcommittee created to discuss firearm sales

At the city council meeting on the evening of Monday, August 28, the council unanimously voted in favor of a subcommittee to discuss the continuation of legal, non-conforming firearm stores.

Action Item A2 was the item on the agenda that saw the most public speakers, with 30 people having their say, the vast majority in favor of far stricter gun control in the city.

The item read, “(1) Discussion of a potential urgency ordinance on transfers of all legal non-conforming uses (or on transfer of legal nonconforming firearms uses); (2) (if desired) creation of an ad hoc city council subcommittee and appointment of two council members thereto; and (3) direction to city manager as deemed appropriate.”

Legal, nonconforming uses occur when, in this case, a zone around a school or church is designated to be free from firearm stores, but a permit was obtained before the newer zoning laws. However, when that store is taken on by new owners/managers, the continuation is where the controversy lies. 

A moratorium on that continuation has been proposed, and the new subcommittee consisting of Mayor Albert Vera and Vice Mayor Yasmine-Imani McMorrin will move forward with discussions on that very subject.

In a rare show of solidarity, all of the council were strongly in favor of the subcommittee and the discussions taking place. Council Member Göran Eriksson raised some concerns about going against the Constitution that the council is sworn to protect, specifically the 2nd Amendment. But he also said that, as someone brought up in another part of the world, the gun violence in this country frustrates him.

Those sentiments were roundly echoed, and the newly-formed subcommittee will now move forward with discussions.