Sagittarius: Right use of arrows of thought


Lest Sagittarius be lost in holiday preparations, festivals, Advent candles, feast days, traveling, food and preparations, let’s consider this sign – hidden, silent, driven to travel, eating, capturing images and making music – in depth. Sagittarius has vision, aspiration, goals of service and saviorship (Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). Sagittarius is tested (like Scorpio), learning the “right use of the arrows of thought, restraint of speech and harmlessness (ahimsa). Eventually, these great tests result in liberation.

Esoterically, Sag is one of the “signs of silence.” Let us note that Sag is the time and sign immediately preceding (and thus preparing for) the new light of winter solstice and birth of the holy child. Sagittarius seeks the “spirit of truth emerging from individual revelation.” Sag is a mutable sign (as are Pisces and Gemini). Mutable signs make contact and connections, releasing love. Sag seeks to unite humanity with ethics, a life philosophy and a concept of God. Sag streams through Jupiter before reaching Earth. Jupiter is Ray 2, the distributor of love/wisdom. During Sag, love/wisdom prevails.

Three constellations make up Sag: Lyra, the seven-stringed harp; Ara, the altar and Draco, serpent of wisdom. Two other constellations surround these three: Aquila, the eagle (spirit) and Cygnus, the swan (soul). Sagittarius, which produces musicians and photographers, is known for its extraordinary ability with music (from Lyra) and its photographic eye (from Aquila).

Saturday, as Uranus turns direct in Aries, the revolution needed for the new world to emerge, accelerates. Saturday is also a total lunar eclipse, full moon solar festival of Sagittarius. The soul’s meditation is: “I see the goal, I reach the goal and now, I see another.” It’s time for community and the building of the new world – our goals.

ARIES: Will you be traveling? Be careful this week. Are you thinking of new professional ideas and realities? Do you feel pressured to step up your endeavors? Do you seek a religious or spiritual reality but don’t quite know what to choose? As you work in the world, Saturn is bringing discipline and structure to all relationships. Tend to others carefully; they will see you to the end.

TAURUS: You are seeking resources for generations to come so everyone can feel safe and secure and continue your important work. Look far and wide, while focusing on water sources. Things are hiding in closets and drawers, storage units and garages, bringing them out into the open; into the fresh air to assess their value. You are wealthy and rich.

GEMINI: On your mind are relationships – one in particular – if your resources are being used practically and whether to travel. Your relationship is OK if you communicate more. Your money needs a practical reference point – a local credit union, investments in land and precious metals. Money and relationships work together. Both are basic archetypes, needing harmony. What do your partner and friends think about the present monetary situation?

CANCER: In your daily life, you find new goals, meet those goals and discover others. These goals influence how you will be living in the future. Share your goals with others, communicating the practicality of planning for the future. As you’re very concerned about resources, connect your money with your goals, then, they will be useful, practical and transformed.

LEO: Your energy’s high as you gallop toward far-reaching goals. Your creativity impels and nothing can stop you. However, you’ll be restrained if disharmony occurs with others. Choose revolution as an art form. Take camera, art supplies, a horse (if you can) and several dog companions along. There’s something you’ve wished to do, be and see for a long time. You return to the place where your heart resides.

VIRGO: Have you plans and goals for your home? Are you feeling restrained by a lack of communication or money? Are you spending time and energy on things unseen? Do they rest in your heart, unspoken and in longing? It would be good if you concentrated on the season’s festivities by making your home cheerful and welcoming, filled with lights, colors and nature. Do things differently this year. Joy impels you onward.

LIBRA: Are you seeking the truth of your many beliefs? A deep transformative change penetrates your heart/mind and many beliefs begin to have no validity. Disconcerting at first, you’re actually being led to truths you were previously incapable of understanding. As beliefs break down, a greater capacity to (give/receive) love comes forth. You will then “be of love a little more careful.”

SCORPIO: It’s time to ponder upon and, finally, articulate goals concerning money and resources in order to make your future seem safe and practical. You don’t want to be wounded by not preparing adequately. Your mind needs to concentrate on building adequate resources for the times to come. These resources are not only for you. Others will join you, for you have the stamina to face great challenges.

SAGITTARIUS: it is good to identify with the words about Sag in the introduction. It’s about you. Allow its esoteric significances to be absorbed and a new identity to emerge concerning who you are spiritually. As you seek truth, the symphony of the zodiac, do you also seek justice and joy? It’s most important to acknowledge you are always seeking the goal after goal. They change. What are they now? What would you like them to be? Seek swans, altars, harps, eagles, serpents and silence.

CAPRICORN: You stand in both inner and outer realities, while feeling deeply personal yet out in the world, where humanity resides. There’s much responsibility and work accomplished from morning till night. At day’s end, you hope sleep brings physical, emotional and mental balance. Create rituals in your home that reflect the sacredness of the season. Create rhythms of prayer with family. You will connect with the heavens and life is transformed. This is an invitation.

AQUARIUS: Our outer reality is connected with our inner reality. What occurs in our outer life is based on what we believe, envision, have intentions for and where we place our focus. You are aware that humanity, which you represent, is to bring forth the new culture and civilization, the new world order and learn the Aquarian Laws and Principles and visions under which the new culture will emerge. Wherever you are, the future also is.

PISCES: Each day, through dreams and while asleep, new understanding occurs; new revelations. Revelations are gifts that create understanding. On our Earth, these emerge from suffering, often from grief and feelings of despair. You understand this line of poetry from Dante’s Divine Comedy: “In the middle of the journey of my life, I came to a dark wood and found myself and my way lost.” That journey is coming to a fork in the road. Two paths are seen.


Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary wisdom school in the Ancient Mystery Tradition



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Sagittarius: Right use of arrows of thought