Pampas Grill – more than just grilled meat

“Our food ranges from various regions of Brazil and traditionally can be found pretty much anywhere you travel,” Gabriela Kruschewsky of Pampas Grill said. Photo credit: Pampas Grill




Culver City offers an array of international eateries and it’s always an adventure to sample new dishes. While strolling through the Culver Center near L.A. Fitness, it would be impossible to ignore the luring aroma of grilled meat.

I only recently tried the food at Pampas Grill and realized there was a lot more than just barbecued meats to enjoy there.

Upon entering, your attention will be immediately drawn to the buffet trays of everything from salads to chicken wrapped with bacon, mashed potatoes, beef stew, collard greens, and so much more. Traditional items such as Pao de Queijo or cheese bread was on hand as well.

Pampas Grill makes claims to an authentic churrascaria experience, which basically equates to barbecue-style meats, said the staff. That would include top sirloin, spicy chicken thighs, pork loin, garlic beef, and Brazilian sausage.

I inquired about the vast food choices and the staff shared that lunchtime in Brazil is the biggest meal of the day and how paying only for what you eat is popular there.

The fast-moving line was a welcomed sight since it allowed for more time to be spent actually enjoying our meal.

Hungry patrons seem to know exactly what they came for and make their meal choices without hesitation. You may want to have an idea of what you want so as not to hold up determined guests behind you.

Rotisseries of lamb and pork were being sliced off of skewers on the counter, along with sirloin cap also known as picanha that the staff said is popular in Brazil.

Wines from Brazil, Chile, and California can be purchased by the glass at a reasonable price.

Paying for your food by the pound is a common tradition in Brazil, according to Pampas employee, Gabriela Kruschewsky. She said their grilled meats are only seasoned with rock salt and other meats are marinated with fresh herbs and citrus juices.

“Our food ranges from various regions of Brazil and traditionally can be found pretty much anywhere you travel,” Kruschewsky said.

It was a feast for the senses, and the helpful, friendly staff took the experience to the next level. Surprisingly, the cafeteria-style eatery in no way took away from the overall culinary experience.

A few of the items we tried that stood out, included the savory black beans, vegetable rice, crunchy fried yucca, and eggplant salad. Everything we had surpassed our expectations and not a morsel was left on our plates.

With dozens of tasty sides and main courses to choose from, the biggest challenge in coming to Pampas Grill is deciding what to leave off your plate.