Mobile app helps put end to street harassment, bullying, assault


Officially launching in January 2015, the STOP-ATTACK app will leverage smartphone technology to make the world a safer place for everyone. Whether it’s bullying, street harassment or something even more sinister, the app will record audio and video evidence and alert contacts of trouble in a matter of seconds.

The developers of STOP-ATTACK have created a pair of explainer videos to showcase exactly how the app works in typical usage scenarios: “Always Be Prepared,” “Bullying.”

“We need to stop the senseless violence and assaults in this world,” said Anthony ‘Tony’ Bright, the creator of STOP-ATTACK. “Our hope is that will be a powerful tool in this struggle. The app has been developed with simplicity as a core feature, so that even younger children can be protected, giving parents much-needed peace of mind.”

The CEO will be presenting the STOP-ATTACK app at the Pre-Grammy Awards VIP Gift Lounge and The Oscars Gift Lounge hosted by GBK productions in February.

STOP-ATTACK users will be able to customize many aspects of the app, such as creating a “Panic List” of people for the app to contact in an emergency, from friends and family to local first responders.

When a user activates STOP-ATTACK, the app instantly begins recording live audio and video and uploading the stream to the cloud. Panic List contacts and designated first responders are notified immediately or after a brief, user-determined delay. The app will send the contacts a link with the GPS location and the recording of the incident.

A hot key allows for quick and discrete activation of the STOP-ATTACK app. For instance, a bully need not know they’re being recorded until presented with the evidence by a school authority. On the other hand, it’s sometimes advantageous to let everyone know that STOP-ATTACK is recording; users can choose for the app to play an alarm sound and turn on the camera light when activated, a strong deterrent to a would-be attacker.

STOP-ATTACK will be available for both Android and Apple devices. To learn more about this game-changing safety technology, contact The app can be downloaded in the Google Play or iTunes and as of Feb. 8, the app will be available for an annual fee. More information available at

Mobile app helps put end to street harassment, bullying, assault